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A new ban has left a woman who won $12000 at a slot machine with nothing.. Related Clips. Watch.
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Vegas slot jackpot videos 2020casinobonus

vegas slot jackpot videos 2020 People LOVE to ask me many personal questions, especially when it comes to money.
I personally was raised never to ask questions about someone else's finances when it came to family members, let alone complete strangers, haha.
That said, I will answer the question of if I am UP or DOWN for the year.
I strictly promote responsible gambling with an entertainment budget.
If you have expendable income, then the casino is a fun place to go.
Seeming as I do this for a living, and play A LOT, I have some inside information when it comes to gambling.
There is probably a fraction of 1% of people who can honestly yes gamblers, please be honest.
Most of which probably only gambled a handful of times at most.
For those of us who gamble monthly at a minimum, the reality is that nobody makes a profit playing slot machines.
That's right, not even me.
Provided you always used your players card, this is the best method for seeing how you did.
The first thing you'll look at is the Coin In.
This doesn't mean how much money you put in the machine physically, it means how much you gambled with.
It counts the money recycled to keep gambling with.
Next and more importantly is Coin Out, which tells you how much you cashed out of the machines.
This does not include any jackpot handpays which is shown on a separate line.
This would be considered a good payout percentage considering the average Vegas payout percentage being 91.
My payout percentages are much lower because of me playing more to make videos that create a profit.
Out of all 25 casinos I gambled at in 2019, I probably have a positive outcome from about 5 of them overall.
With casinos designed to take our money, they're doing their job.
One in particular requires you to get a letter notarized before mailing it to them first!
Let's keep in mind that when analyzing that I've lost a lot of money in 2019.
I enjoyed numerous hotel stays in luxury suites, I had thousands of dollars covered in food and entertainment plus a further tens of thousands in freeplay granted to me and other perks like free drinks in the casino.
Even with all of that, I still paid a hefty price for the entertainment.
For all of the adrenaline rushes and excitement of everything I received, it was a good investment for me.
Plus I got to spend quality time with my friends and family and share all of my experiences with you.
Now if I didn't have a channel that required 400 videos a year, I'd probably have been down much much less I imagine based on my play style and traveling to Vegas and beyond much less.
But so are you, and that helps me feel better about myself, haha, thanks.
Before you go on a trip, ask yourself 'what is my entertainment worth'?
Whichever it is, be sure to pack some extra RudieLuck!
For your convenience, I have updated the complete list of Past Blogs to the right of here.
See a subject you like, click and enjoy!
And even though I know many of them are fake, I still catch myself believing them!
It's incredible what our brains convince us is true!
Let's take a moment to address many of them.
Slot Machines KNOW you are playing free play, and pay less FICTION.
A slot machine doesn't care where the money comes from, it will still aim to take the same payout percentage, whether it is freeplay, cash or ticket!
Subscribing to Brian Christopher Slots will help your marriage FACT.
Spreading love and joy, and watching someone ELSE lose, is always good for your relationships, heart, and bank account!
You are more likely to win if the casino is busy FICTION.
The slot machines don't care about people in general.
They only care about abiding by their function: Taking your money!
Regardless of day, time, holiday, busy or empty, it takes the same amount of payout percentage.
And no, they don't change the payout percentages for special events or dates either.
Machines will not pay out after a big win FICTION.
Slot Machines work on random number generators, so it's ALWAYS difficult to get a jackpot, regardless of the last time one was hit.
So obviously getting back to back jackpots is going to be a lot harder, but not impossible.
People who max bet win more jackpots FACT.
BUT, you don't need to bet max to win a jackpot!
Betting more generally means you will win more, but it also means you will lose more too!
After investing hundreds into a losing machine, it is due to payback FICTION.
Unfortunately, the brain of a slot machine is similar to that of a gold fish.
After you spin, it has already forgotten what the last spin was!
Its only task is to match the outcome on the screen to that of the RNG random visit web page generator that YOU selected by pressing SPIN at that exact micro second.
This also means that there is no such thing as a hot or cold machine.
Sure it may act like that at any given time, but you can only blame yourself for poor timing!
Older machines pay back more FACT.
Older machines had better payback percentages and this has been confirmed to me by at least one manufacturer.
The older the better!
But not a guarantee of a win!
Button Slapping helps on Lightning Link's hold and spin bonuses FICTION.
For the love of humanity and my sanity!
And while your'e at it, you can stop pounding the screen too.
It does nothing but make you look like a lunatic witch doctor!
The volume or brightness levels of a slot machine have nothing to do with the outcome FACT.
Having sound or volume turned all the way up or down has zero affect on a slot machine.
Downtown Vegas Casinos pay out better than Strip Casinos FACT.
Statistically proven, it's true!
Is it enough for you to really notice?
Probably not, but it's a good 1% better or so on average.
Free Spin or Wheel Bonuses are Pre-determined FICTION.
Most slot machine 'free 2020 choctaw casino wsop circuit event bonuses are still working off of a RNG.
It's all about timing!
This also means that if you stop the reels during a bonus, you are in part affecting the outcome of the bonus.
When it comes to wheel bonuses like wheel of fortunethe outcome of where it lands is not determined until you press the START button!
Picking bonuses can vary.
Generally speaking if it shows you the spots you did NOT pick afterward, then it was not predetermined.
If it doesn't show you, it was pre-determined.
You will win LESS using your players card FICTION.
I hear people say things like "Whenever I take my card out I win!
Sure, you may have won after your card came out, but you also would have won had you left your card in.
The machine doesn't care if you're getting points for a free toaster oven or not.
It only cares about the RNG.
Same goes for taking your card out during a bonus, zero impact.
It's true, they DO pay more often, but that's only because they are played more often.
No one wants the middle seat on an airplane any more than in a casino.
They do in the end, have the same payout percentages.
Stopping the reels can help you land a bonus or line hit FICTION.
Have I brought up RNG yet?
The moment you press spin, the outcome has already been decided.
Stopping the reels only speeds up the inevitable.
Slot Manufacturers would never leave the outcome of every spin up to the player.
The more lines on a game, the more chances you have of winning FACT.
However, they are not equal.
So you'll hit more often with more lines, but less money.
The higher the denomination and less lines actually means your payout percentage is higher!
So don't get caught up on lines or win frequency - focus on overall wins.
Playing two slot machines at a time doubles your chances of winning FICTION.
Let's say you have a one in a million chance of hitting a jackpot on a machine.
Playing a second machine does not make that 2 in a million chance now.
Instead you have a 1 in a million chance, and a 1 in a million chance.
So stick to one machine and lose less money in the long run!
Brian Christopher ALWAYS Wins FACT.
I am a winner in love and in life.
At the slot machines however, I'm a big fat loser just like you!
Have any other topics you'd like me to consider writing about?
Let me know below!
Make sure you set aside a good 6 hours though!!
After an incredible year at BCSlots.
To enter, simply sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter and you'll automatically be entered to win our BCSlots.
Sign up on our Page if you haven't already.
On the other side of giving, we can't forget those who are less fortunate than us.
I grew up in a middle class neighborhood with both of my parents and two siblings.
We weren't spoiled by any means, but we never worried where our next house payment or meal would come from.
Unfortunately for many families, life has dealt them a much more difficult hand.
To follow our current progress, and to donate as little as a click the following article or the event, kindly visit our page!
If that wasn't enough, we have also donated to three charities as well.
Through the sales of our holiday treats, where 100% of proceeds went to charity, we were able to donate the following: Marco's Marshmallow Bars, supporting the Brian's Butterscotch Bars, supporting Britt's Brittle, supporting The older I get, the more I love to give.
And with a platform like we have created, it only makes sense to use that for good.
We couldn't do it without all of our Rudies Members and subscribers.
From Marco, Britt, Lana and myself, we wish you all a warm holiday season and prosperous New Year!
Do you think playing with or not playing with your players card makes a difference in winning or not?
Always use your card.
It has ZERO impact on what lands on the reels.
You are pretty well known in the slot world.
What do you do about security when you're winning?
I constantly see people lurking behind watching you play, what happens when you win big?
So you have to hire private security to walk you out?
Or does the casino supply this, vegas slot jackpot videos 2020 of so at what cost?
I still believe that you are such a Stellar Human Being.
I'm not special, even though my mom tells me so, haha.
Anyone who feels unsafe, whether they win a jackpot or not, can always reach out to building security.
They will be happy to walk you to your car free of charge.
And in case you do win a large sum of money, consider asking the casino to provide you with a check instead of cash.
I can't speak for all machines, but consensus from what I've gathered from slot manufacturers is that each spin is unique and is run by the RNG random number generator.
So if you stop the reels during a bonus, then you are altering the outcome.
Are you altering it for the better or the worse?
For machines with a single wheel spin attached, the outcome is determined as soon as you press SPIN to initiate the wheel spinning.
So ask yourself, do you feel lucky?
If so, stop those reels.
Otherwise, see what the machine has in store for you.
Online casinos that use real money versus real casinos.
Online casinos are regulated just as much as real casinos and are held to the same high standards.
Can one payout better than the other?
The law states how low a payout percentage can be, but it doesn't say how high they can pay out.
Generally speaking though, they will be the same and it all comes down to timing of when you press that button.
When I watch your videos and you are playing a multi-denomination game, I often wonder how you base your decision on what denomination and how much per bet?
Sometimes see more all about what 'feels lucky' to me at the time.
But also, with multi-denominations games, if the amount of lines on a game changes when you adjust the denomination, then so does the payout percentage.
What about writing on how casinos decorate the casino the carpet, glittery machine up front ,comps,etc influences people to gamble.
I use to watch it on Travel channel and it was really interesting.
I don't have any inside information on this.
I just know that everything is designed in order to KEEP us in the casino.
They swirly carpets, the maze of a layout, the fact that ATM's are not located at exits - it's all to keep us there longer.
They know what they're doing!
I like to play more than one machine at a time to see which will give me a bonus.
I know you have strong feelings about thiscan you tell us why?
Playing two machines at once does not increase your odds of getting a bonus.
If your odds are 1 in 100 that you'll get a bonus on a game, it doesn't automatically become 2 in 100 because you're playing two machines.
It becomes 1 in 100 and 1 in 100.
Since machines are designed to take our money, you're basically just asking to lose your money twice as fast.
Some people I believe choose to play two machines side by side because they don't want someone else having a chance at getting the large jackpot.
But again, it doesn't help you.
Since it's all about timing, your neighbor would hit the button at a different micro second as you regardless.
I also just find it rude when people snag two machines when I'd like to play it, especially on a busy night.
Most casinos have the here that you can only play one at a time in fact.
It does not care whether it is cash or freeplay being added.
All it cares about is getting and keeping your money.
I've won jackpots on freeplay twice so far if not more!
Does the money Bank a good idea when you want to keep your money you won?
It's basically guaranteed to make its value back on the first time, provided you follow the rules.
It's now going home with you as a win!
Once you get home, use your key to open it up and count all your winnings.
Be responsible and leave the key at home and be smart about putting away those wins.
Changing your bet when on a cold streak - Christopher S A.
You can if you like.
Machines are not cold or hot, only your timing is!
What makes you keep going?
How do you remain excited about gambling, events, and the Rudies?
And when your not as excited about an event or overall day, how do you "fake it"?
Although I was wins big slots 2020 actor for a long time, I suck at 'faking it' haha.
I legitimately love gambling, hosting events and meeting people.
Having just got home from a 9 day trip across 3 states and casinos, I loved every second of it.
Hearing stories from my Rudies and others about how my videos have helped them in their lives both at the casino and in their personal lives is what fuels my energy.
Sure I may have a 'down' day, and the show must go on.
But even then, doubledown casino cheats 2020 not faking it, i find the energy needed to keep it going.
I love my job and I love the fact that I'm able to employ 5 other people in the process!
When you have a short money month, how can one enjoy fifty bucks on slots?
What types, betting amounts, duration to stay with a machine?
Even 50 cent bets can eat up your money quick.
Games like Dancing Drums allow you to bet as little as 8cents a spin or even 18 cents a spin.
Same for some versions of Mighty Cash.
You'd be surprised how much money you can actually win in a bonus on a 18 cent bet!
With so many questions about blog suggestions in my inbox, I encourage you to go through the archives as many are repeat questions.
Scroll down and have a look.
I also encourage to consider giving back this holiday season.
We are donating 100% of proceeds from the sale of our to charity.
We are also helping out some families in need directly with a special page.
Approximately 97% of donations go to helping them.
Anything you make off of the FreePlay, is yours to keep.
It's a similar tactic to sending you a free gift offer.
FreePlay is based upon your previous playing history.
It can generally take 2-3 months for your offers to reflect vegas slot jackpot videos 2020 most recent play.
Contrary to popular belief, generally the amount that click here are gifted has nothing to do with how little or how much money you win or lose.
It's all about timing!
Casinos want to know that you are spending time in the casino.
Casinos are interested in the time you spend in the casino and the "money in" that you play with.
Time IS money in this case.
So even though the 50cent player used and lost less money, they probably recycled a couple thousand dollars over a longer period.
That is more valuable to the casino because you have a vegas slot jackpot videos 2020 opportunity to lose more money since slots are always in the favor of the casino!
There are exceptions of course.
I know of a person who won a LARGE jackpot and his next FreePlay offer was ridiculously huge because nya svenska casinosidor casino wanted him to return to win their money back!
Now to get even more technical, the mathematics of how much you are offered is decided by computers to determine what is called your 'theo', or theoretically how much you will most likely lose on a trip.
How this is determined varies by casino, but they know what you are worth to them.
They will 'reward' you with comps hotels, food, concerts, gifts, freeplay with your theoretical loss, so you're technically paying for it, haha.
But the math doesn't lie, and the casinos know exactly what they are doing.
They know we love to be pampered and be provided gifts that we earned, and that most likely we will come and lose our butts in the end.
So for the best FreePlay odds, plan to play for at least a 4 hour period to keep that theo good and high.
Stretch your bets out if you have a smaller budget.
And BEWARE the worst thing you can do.
NEVER go to a casino just to use your FreePlay and leave.
Once again, it's all about timing!!
Now get out there and LINE IT UP!!!
I have watched a high degree of people using the slapper approach when dragon link bonus feature begins.
Does the slapper change the results?
Now gather around children for some EYE POPPING, jaw dropping truths about slot machines.
Slot Machines do not have feelings.
They don't care if you win or lose, whether you're sad, mad, angry or glad.
If you caress the button softly, talk sweet nothings to it, or simply slap it silly - it will provide you with a random response: WIN or LOSE.
So slapping it has zero affect on the machine, especially when the outcome has already been decided.
It is my professional opinion that the outcome of all of the slaptastic link games Lightning Link, Dragon Link, Fortune Link etc are pre-determined once triggered.
So your slapping has zero affect.
It's all about timing, and NOT about the amount of pressure you put on that button.
No one can determine what the RNG says inside the machine, and since it's so random, pressing the buttons slow or fast really can either help or hurt you.
Bottom line, save me my monthly subscription to tylenol and hold back on the button slapping.
It does nothing but annoy your neighbors and make you kind of look a bit coo-coo.
You guys are professionally trained now, so share this so others learn and educate them.
What DOES help you ask??
Making that money and KEEPING that money.
If you can't trust yourself, you can definitely count on a key locked safe that is impossible to open.
Nature and Travel · Favorite color?
Blue · The coolest natural wonder I've ever seen?
Niagara Falls · The most fun road trip I've ever taken, where and with whom?
Alabama Road trip from Toronto with college friends · The best place I have ever traveled; where I'd spend my whole life if I could?
Marco and I both said we could see ourselves living in Melbourne, Australia · Favorite environmental sound rain, thunder, etc.
Niagara Falls · My favorite type of wild weather?
Rain misting with a rainbow and sun · The most scared I've been by a bug or critter?
Seeing my first "spider" in El Salvador · My favorite flower, purchased?
Birds of Paradise · My favorite flowers to receive in a delivery?
Not a big flower person, I prefer to give them!
Food and Drink · Favorite meal out, ever?
Wild Mushroom Risotto · Favorite food from childhood?
Homemade Lasagna · Favorite drink on a hot summer day include event?
· Favorite drink on a cold winter night include event?
· Favorite total meal that I cook list all items?
Barbecued Burgers, BBQ Veggies including Corn on the Cob, homemade sweet potato fries · The best cup of coffee I've ever had El Salvador · The best dessert I've ever eaten?
Tiramisu in Paris, France · Favorite junk food?
Doritos · Favorite pizza toppings?
Pepperoni and Mushroom · The one "splurge" grocery item I have never yet splurged on?
I generally splurge lol · My favorite cooking or kitchen smell?
Bacon · The one food item I can never run out of?
Lasagna · Favorite ice cream ever, and from where?
Salted Caramel from · Favorite alcoholic beverage?
Tiramisu · Favorite cereal?
Honey Nut Cheerios or Granola · Favorite type of cuisine?
Most Asian including Thai and Indian Hobbies and Entertainment · Favorite car I've owned?
Still on my first car, haha.
Ford Fusion 2013 baby!
· Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours?
· The most important tool in my craft or hobby kit?
I made Marco a menu for our trip to Paris · The most fun game I've ever played?
Mouse Trap · Favorite movie of all time?
Willy Wonka the original!
· Favorite horror movie?
Scream · Favorite TV show?
This is Us · Favorite book of all time?
The Alchemist · Favorite TV rerun I could watch 50 times?
Will and Grace · The most treasured book in my library?
Managing yourself · Favorite musician?
· Famous person I've admired, living or dead, whom I'd most like to click to see more />When Marco and I first heard this live in concert, we swore it was written just for us.
· Favorite guilty pleasure band?
Damien Rice · Favorite song I ever danced to; with whom?
Home by Michael Buble, with Marco at our wedding · The most competent activity I do?
Work hard · The favorite picture I've ever taken?
Marco and I in a hot air balloon · Favorite instrument?
Violin · Favorite sport?
Baseball · Song that makes me move no matter how bad I feel?
Happy · The best paid entertainment I've ever seen?
Cirque du Soleil · The most fun sporting event I ever attended?
Blue Jays People and Family · Favorite conversation I've ever had with a person?
Danielle and I could talk for hours!
· Teacher who changed my life, and why?
Gaskin got me hooked on computers · Professional mentor who changed my life, and why?
Marco is a huge inspiration to me, he's so smart and has so many admirable qualities · The hardest question a child has ever asked me?
How old are you?
· The most important time I've had to "be there" for a friend?
My old buddy Al.
· My favorite non-relative adult growing up?
My aunt Marj and uncle New rival casinos 2020 I've always looked up to · My favorite moment as a parent?
Every time we work well together as a team · My favorite moment as a daughter or son?
Surprising my parents with a 20th Anniversary party when I was 10 years old!
· The one person I loved who never knew?
Jonathan Taylor Thomas · Favorite person to take a walk on a beach or in the woods with?
Marco · The kindest thing a stranger ever did for me?
Held a door open · The kindest thing I ever did for a stranger?
I love tipping for great service Memories · My favorite patriotic experience?
I hosted a 150th Birthday party for Canada · My biggest moment of celebrity?
Working opposite in BBC's Copper · Simply zynga poker 2020 opinion closest call I've ever had?
Getting hit by a car while riding my bike · My most suspenseful moment?
source Junior Citizen of the Year in Burlington, Canada · The happiest moment I can remember?
The day I saw Marco for the first time · The best anonymous thing I have ever done or given?
Donations · The most healthy and vital time in my life?
Being Vegan · The worst thing I ever got away with?
I get caught for everything I do :p · The hardest I ever laughed in my life was.?
That time that I accidentally.
· The most significant change I've had to go through and how it made me better?
Moving to a country where you have no friends or family.
It made me much stronger and more self-reliant.
· My "biggest deal" memory of childhood?
Getting 5 runs in a baseball game when I was 6 years old!
· Best Sunday afternoon I ever had?
Staying in bed watching GOT with Marco · Most fun I ever had on a Saturday night?
Hanging out with my friends chilling over drinks and music · The best advice I've ever been given?
Do what makes you happy, don't work for money · The best advice I've ever given?
Be a failure at what you love · The best birthday I ever had and why?
My first one in California because it could be held outdoors!
· The most exciting secret I've ever been vegas slot jackpot videos 2020 />When my friends were pregnant!
· My favorite story or experience with the paranormal?
Boo Hoo, nothing to report Hypothetical Questions · If I could go anywhere, be with anyone, be doing anything, right now: Where?
Hawaii, Marco, Resort and Hammock · If I had one hour to live, what would I spend it doing?
Calling and messaging as many people as I could to let them know I loved them and that they left an impact on my life.
· Perfect day out: what, where, with whom?
Dinner and Drinks, Pub, friends · The one item I would take to the desert island?
Camp Counselor for an Arts Camp · My greatest skill past or current?
Overworking · Most rewarding time I've ever spent volunteering?
Givenchy · Favorite household cleaner smell?
Grandma's perfume · Favorite baked good to smell?
My cat, Mister P · The most unusual pet I've ever had?
Hampster, Chipper · Best time I've had playing with a pet?
Bringing Mister P to the park · Favorite type of pet?
Cat · Favorite animal?
Pug · Favorite dinosaur?
T-Rex · Favorite bird?
Christmas presents for friends and family · My best hair day ever?
I haven't a clue lol · The best gift I've ever gotten: what and from whom?
Tickets to see Broadway show from Marco · My favorite piece of jewelry I've ever bought for myself?
I don't wear jewelry · The prettiest shiny object I've ever owned?
My wedding ring · My favorite fabric material?
Flannel · My one favorite item of clothing?
My · Favorite item no one click here I own?
Old War medals that someone threw to the trash · Favorite hair color?
Blue · Favorite type of jewelry?
My Wedding Ring · Favorite type of shoes?
My comfy blue Nike's Did I answer your questions?
If you want to share your answers, put them in the comments section of our!
Fill out the form!
We KNOW how to win, and we CAN control the outcome.
The reality is that we can NOT outsmart a computer.
The SECOND you hit the Spin button or pull the handlethe outcome has already been decided.
I do love your optimism, however just like you cannot stop a speeding train like Superman, you cannot stop the reels to affect its outcome.
That said, I still give myself credit for stopping the reels and getting the bonus even though I had zero impact on the outcome.
Same goes for a bonus if you stop the reels, it alters the next spin just not the one already in motion.
But to all the Super heroes out there, keep on keeping on!
And be sure to tag me in your upcoming Instagram photos and stories using and be on the lookout for exclusive giveaways on there like we did last month!
The Rudies Club is a private group of people who have a common interest and love for gambling and especially my channel, Vegas slot jackpot videos 2020 Christopher Slots, on YouTube.
The name itself was voted on by its members and chosen based on my regular use of the catchphrase "RUDE.
Our Rudies come from all walks of life and 12 different countries around the world.
It is a page where we respect each other, are positive with our posts and encouraging of each other.
We even have many Rudies4Life members, in fact 616 of our members have been with us for over a year, so we must be doing something right!
A positive and private safe space to talk openly about your gambling experiences and share photos and videos of your wins.
The main rule on the page is that all posts must be gambling related to ensure the focus remains intact.
With over 1500 members, this almost becomes a necessity!
Not on Facebook, no problem - we also post things on our Patreon page as well.
read article will provide a couple extra PRIVATE live streams from the casino just for the Rudies to enjoy.
While a normal live stream on YouTube gets 3,000-4,000 people commenting at once, a Rudies live will only have a couple hundred making it much easier to have your comments read.
Well we love giving it away just the same, and so there are giveaways happening nearly every single week!
Many events and meet ups are for Rudies Members only!
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Have you ever seen anyone playing more than one machine at a time?
Wonder 4 Games and those like them have taken over casinos to allow players to play 4 of one game at once, or a combination of 4 different titles, with a single spin.
It truly is marketing genius.
So are the odds any better?
Your chances of getting a jackpot or bonus have now quadrupled!!
Is the payout percentage higher?
The main one is that you have 4 chances to get a bonus on a single spin.
So are Wonder 4 machines better than playing a single game?
As always, it comes down to LUCK and TIMING. vegas slot jackpot videos 2020 vegas slot jackpot videos 2020 vegas slot jackpot videos 2020 vegas slot jackpot videos 2020 vegas slot jackpot videos 2020 vegas slot jackpot videos 2020


YouTube Vegas slot jackpot videos 2020

New Free Vegas Slots 2020 - Find The Freshest Vegas Slots To Play Vegas slot jackpot videos 2020

Reviews and video previews of all the latest slot games coming soon to Las Vegas. per day in an attempt to win those huge and elusive progressive jackpots.
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