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🎰 Smart Poker Study Podcast | Podcast on Spotify


By hearing us discuss all of the elements that go into poker decision making, players will gain insights into cash game strategy and acquire the necessary tools ...
Fifty Best Cash Game Podcasts For 2019. Latest was Mythbusting. show episodes. The Poker Coaching Podcast with Jonathan Little. 1.
Without further ado, here are the top Poker Podcasts you should listen to! Ante Up Podcasts. This podcast has been around for a while – since 2005-2008, according to our research. The Poker Life Podcast. TwoPlusTwo PokerCast. The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast. Thinking Poker.

Alex Foxen Shares SECRETS To Becoming #1 Ranked Poker Tournament Player

By hearing us discuss all of the elements that go into poker decision making, players will gain insights into cash game strategy and acquire the necessary tools ...
Poker Strategy With Jonathan Little: Two Common Mistakes, Aggression Beginning Strategy Board Texture Cash Games Reads, Dec 17, 2019, No-limit Hold'em.
Fifty Best Cash Game Podcasts For 2019. Latest was Mythbusting. show episodes. The Poker Coaching Podcast with Jonathan Little. 1.
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Podcast | Jonathan Little Best cash game poker podcasts


One is a cash game hand from an underground joint in New York, and the other comes.. This interview first aired in 2014 on the Poker News podcast stream... Luke Vrabel (@SlayAbides) began his career as bdbeatslayer, one of the top ...
The latest poker podcasts from the pokerfuse podcast directory.. Mike Glick, better known as “Mike the Hat” is one of the best and most successful. He rose from No Limit Hold Em cash games in the east coast to become a.
Poker podcasts have been around for more than a decade... known as a top quality tournament player, Little is also adept at cash games too.

starburst-pokiePoker Strategy from the top poker players. Best cash game poker podcasts

What's a Good Poker Strategy Podcast ? - Beginning Poker Questions - Beginner Poker Forum Best cash game poker podcasts

Ep. 165 Chamath's Home Game. Joey Ingram went all in on the latest edition of the Poker Central Podcast with Brent. Ep. 160 GOATS and Cash Games.
Poker leaks are actions you continually make that cost you money. They can be. Home Game Poker Tournament: The 15th Annual Turkey Shoot. December 5th, 2019. PokerTracker 4 is the best software for online poker play. In this podcast ...
What most people don't know is that those bricks of cash aren't what they seem... In higher stakes poker, the love of the game seems gone for most pros.. If you're only the best poker player you can be, you can have all the... Poker Life Podcast - This is more poker lifestyle than strategy, but Joey Ingram ...

Best cash game poker podcastscasinobonus

best cash game poker podcasts This is the podcast for poker players looking for coaching on the go.
Learn new plays, powerful concepts, and gain insights from coaches who play your games.
If you're looking for even more content and a community of poker players who are ready to help you improve, join us at redchippoker.
Fausto Valdez returns with critical advice on how to outmaneuver LAGs in your game.
He's presenting this month's PRO group coaching session on the same subject, and gives a window into some tactics that are particularly useful in combating loose aggressive opponents.
Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald joins James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney to discuss all things c-betting in preparation for this month's PRO group coaching session.
Get a taste of professional-grade c-betting tactics and join PRO to get the complete strategy.
Join us for a very special episode as all three of our hosts get together for a roundtable discussion, revealing all the details from behind the scenes of our podcast.
Robbie Strazyknsi, James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney and Zac Shaw talk about the past and future of the podcast, the best guests, the biggest lessons learned, great successes and mistakes, and more.
It's everything you ever wanted to know about running a poker podcast!
He's hosting a group coaching session for PRO members, and on this episode he shares some of his best advice for OOP c-betting.
Mac VerStandig is known as THE poker lawyer, a prolific protector of poker player rights.
The old-school-grinder and gaming law guru gives us a far-ranging verbal tour of the poker legal landscape, touching on many critical legal issues any serious poker player should understand.
Mike Gano is a poker pro, coach and author who's contributed tons of great strategy content to our PRO and CORE premium training memberships.
He joins us today to talk about the subject on which he'll be leading a Red Chip Poker PRO group coaching session this month: playing from the blinds.
David Tuchman is one of poker's most beloved commentators, and as a player, he's posted six figures of tournament scores.
He joins us to talk about what it's like calling the action -- front and center for the most talked-about hands and biggest pots in the game.
Melanie Weisner is a pro poker player and coach with a long list of high-profile tournament cashes dating back to the golden age of online poker.
We spoke with her about the many changes her poker career underwent as games and players evolved, and what her poker present and future look like.
David K Lappin is not just a poker player, he's a prolific creator of content and conversation within the poker world.
We spoke to him about his tentacular reach in the poker scene, and took the pulse of poker with someone who's pumped many years of blood, sweat and tears into the game we love.
Kara Scott has been a leading and highly visible figure in poker for a long time, with many an inside story to tell.
This week, she joins us as she makes her triumphant return to the poker scene after being on maternity leave.
Join us for another great discussion with one of the poker world's primary players.
James Hartigan shares behind-the-scenes stories of his commentator work with the European Poker Tour and PokerStars Carribean Adventure, as well as thoughts on being a recreational poker player amongst some of the biggest events the poker world has to offer.
Dara O'Kearney, Irish pro and satellite specialist, has teamed up with poker media mainstay Barry Carter to literally write the book on STTs.
They check this out drop by for our first double-guest episode to discuss some of the secrets they've sealed in this tome of satellite poker wisdom.
Eli Elezra is a legend in the high stakes poker scene, with tons of TV appearances, 3 WSOP bracelets and countless six- and seven-figure scores at the cash game and tournament tables.
He joins us to discuss the English-language release of his autobiography, and reflects on a poker life less ordinary.
John Curry's We Run Bad is an "authentic and darkly comic look at underground poker culture.
It's a great read and this week's episode is a great listen!
Jack Effel, tournament director for the World Series of Poker, drops by this week to talk about what goes into putting together the biggest and most famous tournament series in the game.
For their 50th anniversary, the Link is pulling out all the stops this year, and we get the inside take on what players should expect this year as they chase their poker dreams.
Zach Elwood has dedicated much of his life to deciphering poker tells so us players could make sense of them.
This week, he shares some of his most profitable insights and breaks down exactly what goes into extraction information from verbal and nonverbal tells in poker.
In this wide-ranging interview, we learn what it's like to call the action from behind the commentator's desk, as well as what it's like to tussle on the felt with the best.
Chris "Fox" Wallace is a PLO and mixed game specialist with the WSOP click the following article to prove his poker mettle.
His Next Level Poker and iNinja Poker Tour ventures are taking the poker world by storm, and he's on the podcast today to share an exciting behind-the-scenes look at how a major poker tournament tour comes together.
Tommy Angelo has written some of our favorite books on poker, period.
He blurs the line between strategy and storytelling, teaching countless players how to succeed through mindfulness and self-reflection.
Plus he's damn funny!
Hear why 'Waiting For Straighters' might be the most entertaining way to up your game this year.
Greg Vail is a split pot scholar who makes crushing Big O and O8 look easy.
As he explains on our podcast, these games are growing in both popularity and profitability.
Wondering what these Omaha games are all about?
Listen and you'll wonder why you're not playing them.
Ross Glover is author of the upcoming strategy masterwork Unbeatable Poker.
He drops by the podcast this week, taking us behind the scenes on the journey of authoring a poker strategy book.
He shares his experiences as a serious student and sage of the game.
Many winning poker players create their own unique system to dominate the game, and Glover's approach synthesizes go here best poker strategy of the last decades into a single fascinating framework.
Joe Stapleton is one of the most-loved and most-recognized commentators in poker media.
This week he joins us to entertain and entrance with tales from behind the scenes of poker's biggest stages.
Tune in if you've ever dreamed of hearing Stapleton say your name on a broadcast even if he's telling joke about you!
What more do we have to say?
Listen to this week's podcast to hear our interview with Chris Moneymaker, 2003 WSOP Main Event winner and man whose storyline gave birth click at this page the golden age of modern poker.
Travis Moss struggled for years to gain a foothold in the game, but his passion for poker drove him to keep studying and competing against the best.
Hear how he did it on this week's podcast.
Rich Muny just finished his run as President of the Poker Players Alliance, and he joins us for a behind-the-scenes look at the legal landscape for online poker.
Muny shares stories of fighting on behalf of all poker players to banish the legal demons of Black Friday and bring the game we all love back to the masses.
It's a fascinating look at the past, present and future of the poker industry.
He's seen the poker 2 best for slot chew up and spit out 'baby pros' who come to town with a few buyins and a dream, and his apologise, best basic strategy blackjack remarkable is "Beware.
If you have the skills to excel in poker, you can profit more by applying those skills to non-poker career pursuits, and then you might have the bankroll to retire early and play poker professionally like Hull does.
here Kampis was your best cash game poker podcasts poker player until he decided to take a shot at the Main Event.
The thrilling journey was captured in his book Vegas Or Bust: A Family Man Takes On The Poker Pros, and this week he's on the podcast to give us a behind-the-scenes look at his WSOP Main Event run.
Lee Davy has experienced poker from all sides, as a player, writer and everything in between.
Today we discuss how his passion for poker led him to a long a fulfilling career in the gambling industry.
In addition to his widely read work with gambling industry site CalvinAyre.
He talks about it all on this week's podcast -- check out the story behind how your average poker player became a larger-than-life personality focused on doing good in the world.
We like looking down at ace king, but there's often the underlying feeling of dread that decisions are about to get tricky.
It's true, ace king is arguably poker's most complex hand to play, and that's why James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney and Adam 'w34z3l' Jones wrote an entire book on it.
This week, we share an chapter from Optimizing Ace King: The Right Strategy for Playing Poker's Most Complex Starting Hand.
The importance of exploitative play can easily get lost in the modern GTO world.
But as Adam "W34z3l" Jones explains this week in an excerpt from one of our PRO Membership videos, the fundamentals of exploitative play go largely unstudied.
In this episode, Jones presents a fully integrated strategic framework for approaching exploitative strategies and tactics in poker.
It's accessible and advanced, so grab a notepad and get ready to learn!
Recreational, unstudied players love to limp, especially in live games.
Us clued-in players know that 'never limp' is an edict best respected.
But when is it actually OK to limp?
This week, we take a page out of our CORE training platform to give you a quick lesson four very specific spots where limping makes sense.
When faced with a table full of aggression, what is the most effective counter-strategy?
James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney joins us to give his answers to your questions on how to beat tables full of players who are unafraid to raise, re-raise, and shove.
What do I buy in for?
What stakes do I play for?
These may be some of the most fundamental questions in poker, but just like any other fundamental, they deserve well-reasoned, deeply thought-out approach.
Luckily, James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney is here to answer your questions regarding how much cash to convert into chips on your way to the felt.
The river doesn't need to be a scary street.
This week, get your footing with James "SplitSuit" Sweeney as we answer member questions about thin value, showdowns, and all things fifth street.
Sheree Bykofsky joins us this week to discuss her new book The Kaizen Of Poker: How To Continuously Improve Your Hold'Em Game.
We discuss using checklists to make sure you're plugging leaks and playing your A game, as well as the mental and cultural barriers to taking the game more seriously with study.
Enjoy another wide-ranging poker strategy discussion on this week's podcast.
Mike Gano has been a pro and coach for years, and he's still out there grinding, learning and teaching at serious stakes.
We take stock of the modern online poker landscape, strategic considerations for new styles of play, and where the world's top players are finding their edge in an age of unprecedented information and computing power.
Enjoy this wide-ranging discussion with a top-tier poker mind.
What you put in your body has a direct correlation to whether you play your A game or your C game.
We all know how valuable that difference is.
Paul Salter, a nutrition coach to athletes, bodybuilders and poker players, breaks down the small steps we can take to make big long-term changes in our lives and games.
A poker player himself, Salter gives tons of advice for optimizing your nutrition and getting a biological edge over less healthy competition.
We talk to him about his successful tournament grind at this year's WSOP, his return to crushing cash games and coaching up-and-coming poker pros.
Plus, listen in as Fausto walks through a hand he played with host Zac Shaw at this year's Red Chip Poker meetup in Las Vegas.
This week's podcast features a hand history breakdown provided by Adam Jones.
Lots of strategy concepts are discussed, primarily around planning your bet sizing across three streets.
The hand was originally submitted to the Red Chip Poker forum by one of our members, generated considerable discussion, and eventually found its way into our much-acclaimed CORE study program as a Level III lesson.
Rayo, a student of RCP coach Luke Haward, has been playing poker for less than two years.
His introduction to poker came when his marathon-running hobby was interrupted by a hip injury.
Rayo reveals how that starting point eventually saw him at the TV table in the Rio.
Rather than focus on breaking down his strategic decisions, Zac invites you to analyze best cash game poker podcasts hand along with him, and encourages you to try many different methods to better learn from your big hands, win or lose.
This week, Greg Vail, our resident split pot specialist, joins us to answer your questions from the forum about Big O and O8.
He's celebrating the release of his new book, Scoop!
Big O and PLO8: Winning High Low Concepts for the Hold'Em Mind.
Written by Vail and edited by Doug Hull, you'll be the smartest person at your split pot table upon digesting its contents.
Heck, you'll probably be the smartest split pot player at your table after listening to this podcast!
Author, consultant and poker player Eileen Sutton has been getting deeper and deeper into the grind, taking on star coach Tommy Angelo and distilling his wisdom down to a strategy to win in the underground NYC poker scene.
We take you into her world and mindset on this week's wide-ranging podcast interview.
How do you beat a player that's much better than you?
The answer is: Run good.
But seriously, there are some winning strategies to taking on tough opponents, and one of the toughest is James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney, who joins us to talk about how you can beat players like.
Since host Zac Shaw is about to head out and play with Sweeney and the other coaches at the 4th Annual Vegas meetup, he needs all the help he can get in this department.
The duo signs off with news on the future of the podcast and discusses the PRO and CORE membership as Red Chip Poker heads into its 5th year of helping poker players of all walks of life improve their games and lives.
Where does your profit come from in poker?
This week, Ed Miller explains why most players get the answer to this question wrong.
And don't worry, he shares the right answers too.
This episode will get you out of your comfort zone and into the strategic concepts that are actually responsible for you taking money off the table in the long-term.
You hear the pros talking about "balancing your range" all the time, but what exactly does that mean in practice?
In this episode, coach and cash game grinder Fausto Valdez shares his secrets for thinking about your range and the ranges of your opponents.
How do we become less exploitable, while exploiting others at the same time?
As poker players, our relationship with pocket aces can be intense.
They are a beautiful sight, but we must wait so long for a glimpse.
The moment becomes critical.
Will our aces get cracked?
Will this rare opportunity be squandered?
There are a lot of "feels" to be had about pocket aces, and Dr.
Tricia Cardner breaks read article the science and psychology behind overcoming them.
This is a mental game episode you won't want to miss.
Making a living in a place bent on taking away here money is no easy task, but Martin has made it work by carving out his niche, and perhaps you can too, starting with his tips for doing Vegas as a visiting poker player.
What if everything you thought you knew about pot control was wrong?
This week, Adam Jones explains why "pot control" is inherently flawed as a poker strategy concept.
Through a series of hand history reviews, he'll show why attempts to keep the pot small through checking can be a big, exploitable leak, and what real profitable "pot control" would actually look like.
This week, we look at the one thing almost no live poker players are doing, yet it could improve their game immediately.
And that one thing is taking notes at the table.
Host Zac Shaw delivers advice from the Red Chip Team and our member community on how and why taking notes on the hand histories you play can transform your game.
Are you trying to improve your win rate?
What about the value of your poker time?
This week, James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney joins us to explore the many ways poker players can squeeze more value out of their poker time through simple mindset adjustments.
Touching on strategy and mental game, this episode will give you a fresh perspective on how to accomplish your poker dreams and goals.
We're back with another episode you'll want to listen to more than once, as Adam "W34z3l" Jones shares four questions that you should be asking before c-betting.
We've done a few c-betting episodes in the past, so what's new this week?
C-betting is a major part of poker and you can never know enough, but this week, you can take these four questions to the poker room this weekend and notice an immediate change in your game.
In one of the most value-packed episodes of the Red Chip Poker podcast to date, Adam 'w34z3l' Jones breaks down strategies and tactics you can use in each of five common preflop spots.
You're going to encounter these spots in practically every session you play, and Jones breaks down dozens of specific considerations and tactics for each spot.
This episode is an audio excerpt from a training video included with CORE, Red Chip Poker's new poker strategy training experience, available at redchippoker.
We'll let you in on a little secret: No single strategy or tactic can make you a winning poker player.
You need them all.
So the secret to winning any best cash game poker podcasts game is to study more efficiently and effectively than your competition.
That's where Adam Jones comes in on this week's podcast.
He produced many of the exclusive training videos you'll find in our brand-new CORE poker learning platform.
In this episode, Jones takes us inside his process for breaking down poker's more complex concepts into fundamentals that are easy to digest and apply in the games you play.
With so many moving parts, a coherent poker strategy can feel like an impossibility.
So we created CORE from the ground up to lay out everything you need to know in an easy-to-grasp course.
It's the poker university you've been looking for, and we're here to help you through it.
CORE makes professional-grade, winning poker accessible to anyone who's willing to put in the effort.
This is the world's first all-encompassing poker strategy syllabus and learning platform.
We believe it's the best way ever to learn to play like pros.
Jordan Young won millions in online poker tournaments and is approaching the million mark in live tournaments as well.
This week, we talk to him about what advice he imparts to other tournament players who seek to achieve similar results.
We focus on strategy and discuss the foundations of a winning tournament gameplan.
Young helps listeners identify and eliminate weaknesses in the way typical tournament players approach the game.
He also gives tips on population exploits at the WSOP, and shares how it feels to sit at a final table with six figures and a bracelet on the line.
How would a poker coach go about learning poker from scratch in today's environment?
go here a fascinating question, and on this week's podcast, James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney answers by breaking down the four pillars of poker learning: Math, Tactics, Strategy and Mental Game.
If you're not learning poker from scratch, it doesn't matter, there's something to be learned in this podcast for any player.
Barreling is one of poker's most fundamental skills.
Whether you're firing once, twice or all three times, whether it's for value or as a bluff, you need a working barreling strategy to win in this game.
Ed Miller joins us on this week's podcast with a simplified barreling strategy that anyone can use: "When they check, you bet.
Our resident split pot expert Greg Vail is on the podcast this week, dispelling all the expensive myths held by unstudied O8 and Big O players.
Becoming familiar with these leaks will help you plug your own and exploit weaknesses in others.
Vail has long been an advocate for the profitability of split pot games in the face of so much player error, and he shares his secrets best cash game poker podcasts this episode.
Our first episode of 2018 is geared toward psyching you up for a great year of studying to win.
Host Zac Shaw takes the helm and offers up some advice for finding your place in the poker ecosystem, so you can set poker goals for the new year that you will celebrate achieving this time next year.
Why do you play?
What resources do you have to study and play?
Where do you want to go in poker?
This episode is all about being honest with our leaks and limitations.
Good luck in 2018!
Do you understand how frequencies work in poker?
Years ago, Ed Miller's classic training text Poker's 1% heavily impacted the poker strategy scene with its unique approach to exploiting the common frequency-based errors of opponents in live cash games.
This winning strategy endures because players are still not exploiting frequency leaks in their opponents as often as they should be.
This week, James "SplitSuit" Sweeney breaks apart the flawed strategies of unstudied players who ignore frequencies to their own detriment.
Robbie Strazynski is a man about the poker industry, known widely for his thought-provoking poker productions such as Cardplayer Lifestyle and the Top Pair podcast.
This week, we go behind the scenes with Strazynski to gain a unique perspective on professional poker and what it takes to make it in this game.
He shares his strategic insights and reflections on many years in the orbit of the game's brightest stars.
The game of poker is quite profound when you really think about it.
Jerry 'Imperator' Monaco is one such deep thinker who has a wealth of insight into the game's many philosophical underpinnings.
He's a poker polymath who has earned a reputation in the Red Chip Poker forum as having a more info and fascinating spin on strategy and the game as a whole.
Get a new perspective on poker in this week's podcast.
There are few better ways to develop poker skills than to drill through tricky spots away from the table with a poker strategy workbook.
James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney has authored several such workbooks, and he joins us on this week's podcast to give a behind-the-scenes look at how they come together, as well as tips for getting the most out of them.
You'll find strategy workbooks to be invaluable in gaining experience and intuition, as well as a comparatively cheap way to make mistakes before you deal with the spots you study off-table in real life with real stacks.
When it comes to poker tells, there are few on this Earth more knowledgable than Blake Eastman.
It's not just that he's dedicated his life to the serious scientific study of nonverbal and verbal tells in poker.
It's not just that he's an accomplished player in his own right.
Eastman, with his Beyond Tells training site, has armed hundreds of poker players with a serious edge over their competition when it comes to reading live tells.
He's on the podcast this week to announce the exciting evolution of his Beyond Tells research: the largest study ever on the behavior of poker players.
Normally, 986th place is not the greatest finish in an MTT, but when you're talking about the biggest live tournament of the year, it's quite a feat.
Red Chip Poker PRO member Keith Christopher drops by this week to discuss his deep run in the 2017 WSOP Colossus.
What did he study and how did he apply it to outlast 17,000 other players and cash in this mammoth field?
He shares his insight on another episode exploring the deep tournament runs of our most dedicated members.
Poker's more fun when the pot's split between the high hand and the low hand, and perhaps more profitable too!
Greg Vail, the newest addition to our Red Chip Poker coach roster, drops by this week to share his enthusiasm for Omaha 8-or-Better and Big O, two of the most popular split pot games being spread these days.
Hear Vail break down the basics of how these games work, the common leaks you need to plug and exploit, and the strategies you need to adjust your hold 'em knowledge to compete in a split pot environment.
We couldn't be more excited to bring you this week's episode, because Doug Hull is here to discuss his upcoming new book, More Poker Plays You Can Use.
The sequel to Hull's acclaimed debut as a solo poker strategy author is a literal wealth of information that low-stakes live cash players will use to dominate games for years to come.
Don't miss this exciting preview with one of poker's most respected strategists and authors.
By popular request, poker mastermind Christian Soto is back on the podcast this week going over learn more here histories.
How did he handle this maniac and get stacks in as a 75% favorite?
Get your hand history fill from one of the best hand breakdown artists out there on this wee's Official Red Chip Poker Podcast.
This week, Valdez drops in for an update, and it's a big one: He quit his job to play poker full-time and has dedicated his life to the game.
Look inside the mind of a cash game grinder and tournament shot-taker this week and get a taste of what professional poker is all about.
Take a peek behind the curtains of our PRO membership this week with excerpts from two of our most popular videos on continuation betting.
This episode is pure value and you will use the information in every session you play.
First, Adam Jones debunks some common c-betting myths that could be costing you chips.
Then, Mike Gano goes over six specific reasons why you might want to delay a c-bet.
You don't have to be told that at the final table, your decisions matter.
So why don't more tournament players work through the spots they're likely to face, under extreme ICM pressure, with major pay jumps and big cash on the line?
To fill that knowledge gap, tournament coach and pro Ben Hayles recently collaborated with James "SplitSuit" Sweeney on the new Poker Workbook: Tournament Final Tables.
Hayles stopped by the podcast to share details on their new approach to developing poker skills to dominate final tables.
In honor of our 100th episode, we have an all-star lineup on this week's podcast.
James "SplitSuit" Sweeney, Ed Miller, Mike Gano, Dr.
Tricia Cardner and Doug Hull all drop by to share their answer to a single question: What first inspired you to study, and what inspires chester best machines harrahs slot to continue to study?
It's a unique look into the lives of five very accomplished poker coaches, and there is something for poker players at every level to relate to here.
Studying is not the sexiest part of being a winning poker player.
But it is a necessary part, and poker writer and educator Eileen Sutton is on the podcast this week to share more effective ways to approach thinking about and studying the game of poker.
Author of The Total Poker Manual and regular blogger here at Red Chip Poker, Sutton has a unique perspective on how to integrate serious study into our poker routines.
In addition to writing about poker, she is a dedicated player, and she speaks to her own revelations on how get more out of every minute of study you put in towards becoming a big winner in the game.
When Black Friday hit on April 15, 2011, Kristin Wilson sprang into action, using her unique skill set to start helping online poker pros in the US relocate to countries more hospitable to poker, like Canada and Costa Rica.
Several years later, she is still at it, having relocated thousands of players.
She helps with everything from finding an apartment to moving, customs, establishing bank accounts other important financial arrangements, and a host of other deceivingly complex aspects of moving to a foreign best casino in england as a professional online poker player.
Get an inside look on how poker relocation is done on this podcast.
What goes on behind the scenes from a poker dealer's perspective?
Doug Hull interviews his friend Nathan on this week's podcast bring you insights from the lifestyle of top dealer in Las Vegas.
Nathan isn't just an in-demand dealer, he's also a semi-pro player.
Join us to get a view poker players rarely get, and are sure to appreciate.
What information does a donk bet communicate to you?
Ed Miller joins us this week to outline his five different categories of donk bets, and how to pick up on the information embedded within to make optimal decisions.
The donk bet is a disruptive play, and understanding the motivations behind that disruption are going to be key when planning your post-flop line.
We welcome Dustin 'Oblioo' Goldklang on the podcast for his first appearance, and the subject is pot odds, equity and equity realization.
These are fundamental concepts every poker player must know, and many players are familiar with.
Whether you're new to the game or have these ideas under your belt, there's value to be had with Goldklang's detailed breakdown of how odds and equity factor in to a winning poker strategy.
For a perspective on universal poker concepts from a coach and pro, don't miss this episode.
Range advantage is a key concept in poker strategy, and two of the game's great thinkers introduce the idea to our listeners on this week's podcast.
Christian Soto and Doug Hull -- both Red Chip Poker founders, authors, coaches and pro players -- talk about range advantage in a way that should be accessible for any level of player.
Understanding who has range advantage and what that means is a modern poker must in terms of skills you need under your belt.
Listen to Soto and Hull use hand examples to illustrate range advantage for players eager to know more on the subject.
Avoiding psychological traps in poker is a required component of a winning strategy.
In our search for tactics we often overlook mental game to our peril.
Tricia Cardner is on the podcast this week to help you steer clear of common mental game leaks that have ruined scores of players before you.
Don't be one of them.
Listen best cash game poker podcasts and take heed to the good doctor's advice.
Three letters that every poker player needs to know in the modern poker world.
You may have heard of game theory optimal play, you may even comprehend what it is on a basic level.
But have you integrated it into your game?
That's the question and Adam Jones, also known as 'W34z3l', is on the podcast this week to discuss.
He helps people understand check this out game theory optimal fundamentals work, why they're worth learning, where they can generate profit in your game and this isn't just for high stakes players.
Here's the do's and don'ts of applying GTO strategies to your small stakes poker game.
Knowing how to play with 30BB or less is crucial for winning tournaments.
You might not find yourself in this spot all that often in cash games, but you will commonly find yourself short-stacked on your journey to the final table.
On this week's podcast, accomplished tournament player and coach Jordan Young sits down with Christian Soto to discuss playing with 30BB or less in MTTs.
The Red Chip Poker podcast is not the only thing Zac Shaw hosts.
He has also run a successful home poker game for the last 12 years.
The home game has been successful in the sense that its attendees have fun, the game goes off regularly, and has been a great proving ground for the strategy concepts he learns here at Red Chip.
In this episode, he gives a densely packed rundown on the various aspects that have made for a successful home game over the years, hoping to inspire you to host your own and grow this great game we all love.
Doug Hull coaches many players, and he finds that while most students come to him with a solid pre-flop strategy, their post-flop skills need serious work, particularly around c-betting.
Far too many players are c-betting flops close to 100% of the time.
In this episode, Hull outlines the reasons why this is a losing strategy, how to a adjust to a winning strategy, and best cash game poker podcasts to exploit other players who are c-betting too many flops.
High-roller and in-demand coach Matt Berkey is back on the podcast, and this episode starts with an in-depth discussion on range merging.
What is a merged range, and how can we use it to balance our play and keep our opponents guessing?
Berkey gives his advice on this topic, as well as a breakdown of his overall thought process while playing a hand.
Take notes, because Berkey is dropping solid gold insights into the mind of a top-level pro.
Matt Berkey has amassed millions in tournament winnings.
He plays high stakes cash so competitively, some games stopped inviting him.
We're lucky to speak with him this week about his training method and style of play.
Like Red Chip Poker co-founder Christian Soto, with whom he closely collaborates, Berkey is a fan of challenging conventional poker wisdom, and exploiting entire populations of players by getting inside their heads.
Microstakes players dream of moving up to higher levels online, where serious money can be made.
But how do you rise from 25NL to 200NL?
Mike Gano has done it, and he's on the podcast this week giving specific strategies for moving up in online poker.
Hypnotherapist and poker mental game coach Dan Heskett is on the podcast this week dispensing wisdom on developing a winning mindset for tournament players.
His advice on approaching the game with a disciplined, focused mindset has translated into poker profits for many of his students.
How do you build a bankroll as a poker player?
Should bankroll even matter to you?
And if it does, how do you manage to grow it and avoid going bust?
Seasoned live player and coach Doug Hull is on the podcast this week to answer all your questions on bankroll management. best cash game poker podcasts best cash game poker podcasts best cash game poker podcasts best cash game poker podcasts best cash game poker podcasts best cash game poker podcasts

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