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šŸ’ Details about US-4Deck Trademark Poker Blackjack Dealing Shoe Card Casino Professional Dealer | Poker, Playing cards, Games


Summary: I created Blackjack on a Ti 84. It includes.. I didnt testet the following code on my calculator, because first I want to shorten the code.
TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus graphing calculator Games, Cards, Blackjack, MirageOS.
Folder, TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition BASIC Games. Author, zeldaking. Description, Casual card game BlackJack comes to the CSE. In under 4KĀ ...

TI-89 games - Astrosmash - Texas Instruments TI-89 Grpahing Calculator Games

... 325 Fortran 80 345 Cobol 80 569 Macro 80 144 Edit 80 84 MU Math/MU Simp .. Two vendors demonstrated casino- style blackjack programs that simulate a. 99'er TI-Fest for 99/4A enthusiasts SAN FRANCISCO, CAā€” Owners of the Texas. Cost $459 To Order Call 800-343-0852 IBM ACCOUNTING PLUSĀ® General.
Block Dude ā€” Originally a game developed for the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 graphing. Blackjack ā€” An implementation of casino blackjack as a web app. Todo List.
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Details about US-4Deck Trademark Poker Blackjack Dealing Shoe Card Casino Professional Dealer | Poker, Playing cards, Games Blackjack ti 84 plus


Eastern version: 3 points plus the bonus in the opponent's hand. 3..... I . Three Card Poker is played on either a standard sized blackjack style or poker.... Page 84... Ti e Bet. ā€¢ For each seated position, there shall be one separate and.
Alright I sort of know BASIC programming. I tried to make a standard black jack game where the only options there are are hit and stand. I can'tĀ ...
TI-BASIC is the unofficial name of a BASIC-like language built into Texas Instruments (TI)'s graphing calculators, including the TI-83 series, TI-84 Plus series, TI-89 series, TI-92 series (including Voyage. My favourite was a blackjack game.

starburst-pokieblackjack Ā· GitHub Topics Ā· GitHub Blackjack ti 84 plus

ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved Blackjack ti 84 plus

Ubuy Jordan Online Shopping For blackjack sets in Best Possible Prices. Ubuy is a leading. TI-84 Plus CE Color Graphing Calculator, Red. JOD 119Ā ...
... the plant composition changes to post oak, blackjack oak, and black hickory.. areas with a combined area of 142 acres, plus an additional 84 acres in two. 1995 4-52 TI\LWOOO\BRACĀ£IS\ T'IXI'IWE'DGN NTbaEi RACKPEN 4-53 US.
Unbeknownst To Eugene, The Probability Of Being Dealt A Blackjack Is Only 48% From A Standard .. I get to use a ti84 for these problems. 7,10,20 help please

Blackjack ti 84 pluscasinobonus

blackjack ti 84 plus So far, not much has changed.
Right now, there are mostly image changes, although there are some interal changes, but the overall feel of the game has not changed much.
Image changes, weapon read article, speed changes, cheats, and several internal changes as well are included in this version.
This is for people who want to play something different from the original Phoenix.
The game features 3D looking graphics and gameplay.
Trade goods and earn yourself a fortune, or if you prefer, earn your fortune by fighting.
The game has a 'save' feature so that you can finish your playing anytime you want.
And all this comes in a 6 kb program!
You hit the platform the enemy is on, then touch the enemy to kill it.
This classic game has been updated to include 50 new levels, each with its own design unlike the original.
It also adds new enemies based on other Mario games.
Check out this great update to a great classic game.
I don't remember from what platform this game originated, but its pretty old.
This game features everything from the NES version, which includes multiple difficulty levels, store, 360 degree ship rotation and much much more.
This is a very fun game and is a good timewaster : It's hard to describe it in a few sentences, so just download it and see for yourself.
Believe me, you won't be disappointed.
Unfortunately, this game only runs of 83+ and not on regular 83, but hopefully the author will port it someday.
This version should work with the USB link.
Asteroids is Recommended by CalcG.
You can participate in a season, play an exhibition game, or play in a homerun derby.
It has nice graphics and play control.
But when you press a light though, the lights next to it change as well.
Comes with 11 levels and a password feature.
Great graphics and other features.
The object is to get clusters of balls of 3 or more.
This is harder than you might think, because after a time a wall falls down bringing you closer to death.
Bust a move features several premade levels built in and randomized levels.
Source is now availible under GPL.
Includes 83 regular edition.
Do this for thirty seconds to see many peices of cotton you can pick.
You can view the world from four different angles.
The game comes with 16 standard levels, and a level editor is included so that you can create your own.
It is an excellent copy.
It has over 100 rooms and dungeons.
Your goal is to save the world from Diablo.
Plus, you must avoid traps and extra features.
Tricky getting used to, but well worth it!
Features lots of enemies, spells, skills, and extras.
There are 7 blackjack ti 84 plus with a total of 46 screens, containing one-way arrows, keys, bonuses, traps and various switches.
There are more than 1500 multiple-choice questions and two different modes of play.
It is the complete version.
This game is more difficult then the previous version.
It requires an ION emulation shell to run.
This game is exrtremely difficult, so be prepared.
You must do this for 5 frogs without getting hit or drowning.
Port to TI-83 by Ahmed El-Helw, Port to ION by Sam Heald 40 that blackjack chart card that Rating: 7.
Galaxian is Recommended by CalcG.
Dodge the icicles and live as long as possible!
You will have to jump on blocks, climb ladders, and think hard before click jump.
You will even have to play with Spikes!
This game has sound, and now has a new level!
You are an indestructible tank that needs to blow up the enemy planes, helicopters, and miners.
The only catch is that you don't have any weapons.
You have to blast yourself off the enemy fire and into the enemies to kill them.
The more enemies you kill before hitting the ground, the greater the experience.
This simple concept will keep you trying especially on the insane difficulty.
Each maze is rendered with a different graphical style, and there are two modes of play: maze and antimaze.
You start with 4 mines and work your way up in increments of 4.
You must fire and move lasers to manipulate the different on-screen objects in order to get a clear shot at the iris, which you must shoot twice.
The object is to rotate regions of the board until the various pieces are isolated in the four quadrants.
There are only 5 regions you can rotate so it can get tricky.
This games features everything found in the original plus several new features such as keys and moving platforms.
The program has 25 original levels and a level editor, so that you can make your own levels.
Lode Runner 83 runs under ION 1.
Unfortunately it does not run on the TI-83 plus with Mirage OS emulation and 83+ version wasn't updated as 83 one.
You can download the level editor from our 'DOS Programs' page.
The editor is called LDK, which is an abbreviation of Level Development Kit.
If you make any levels, please email them to Submissions CalcGames.
Lode Runner v2 is Recommended by CalcG.
Has 3rd person behind car with superb graphics.
Lotus Turbo Challenge v1.
It uses the black link cable to transmit data like x-coordinates.
You can move Mario free around in an arena.
You have to shoot the missiles coming down to your towns before they hit them.
It comes with a level editor for creating and editing level sets.
There are 5 different speeds and 10 standard levels.
Two player turn based strategy game where the main objective is to destroy the enemy command bunker with nuclear stikes.
Players can use spies, research weapon upgrades, and anihilate the countryside and each others buildings.
Similiar to the BASIC version, only runs faster and doesnt have animations.
New in Version 3.
There are three different strategies that the bot can use, and an additional option exists allowing the bot to change its strategy.
Play against the calculator.
Orzunoid is Recommended by CalcG.
There are several different types of ground you can or cannot runnover.
The gray walls are not passable.
The clocks with arrows pointing up increase your time, while clocks with arrows pointing down decrease your time.
The Skull kills you if you run into them.
It has almost identical enemies, weapons, ship, and icons.
Note: This game is not fully complete, so it is in a post-beta stage, since it is very playable.
Not all weapons are included yet.
I will also add the enemy routines from PS to it soon.
It is set in space.
There is no real storyline to speak of; the only objective is to blast through each treacherous level as fast as possible.
Phantom Star is capable of supporting external levels, and documentation will be provided in the near future for level developers that wish to make their own levels.
Phoenix is click to see more advanced shoot-em-up game for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators.
This game has very smooth gameplay over 30 frames per second with many objects onscreen.
Its features include many different types of enemies, many different levels, the ability to buy additional items, five possible weapons for your ship, game saving, a high score table, multiple difficulty levels, and multiple speeds, and external levels.
The game only takes about 8K of your memory.
It is supplied with full source code, and may be copied or modified without any restrictions.
Phoenix is an advanced shoot-em-up game for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators.
This game has very smooth gameplay over 30 frames per second with many objects onscreen.
Its features include many different types of enemies, many different levels, the ability to buy additional items, five possible phrase blackjack bet recommend for your ship, game saving, a high score table, multiple difficulty levels, and multiple speeds, and external levels.
The game only takes about 8K of your memory.
It is supplied with full source code, and may be copied or modified without any restrictions.
Ion or a fully compatible shell is required to run this game.
Features include: -Grayscale graphics - Unforunately, grayscale flickers somewhat in the TI-83+ version.
You can choose to turn it off.
In this update, there are still 5 levels of difficulty and 5 speeds measured in mpsand some improved sprites.
Your goal is to draw an image according to numbers.
This may sound simple, but with images getting harder and time getting shorter, you'll soon see that this game isn't easy at all.
Port by Ahmed El-Helw and Sam Heald 4 kB Rating: 5.
The object of the game is to connect pieces together in sets of 4 or more, and create chain reactions.
As the game goes on, there are obstructions that fall in your way.
For those of you who are tired of tetris, try this puzzle game.
Includes a two player mode, one player mode vs.
AI, a save feature, Win and pass detection, and is fully graphical.
It fixes many things and more cheats included.
You must fill all white squares with your gray "pen".
Has 50 levels and is challenging.
Port by 213 kB Rating: 7.
Can you make it through 10 crazy levels to escape Space Station Pheta?
Includes a visual walkthrough explaining how to make your own levels.
One more saucer is added for each level you beat.
article source goal is to create 3x3 blocks, which will cause the block to disappear.
This version of Squarez is a port of the 86 version.
You control a battle ship and try to destroy the submarines below.
This archive was submitted by Chase Taylor taylorchase hotmail.
Save Highscore and custom skin for each piece.
It's a bird eye view racing game, with really nice graphics both tracks and cars are detailed sprites.
YOu can now find: -An IA, that drive 7 other cars -A brake -Many options, and customisations -5 playing modes including a link mode, you can challenge your friend on the macadam Enjoy!
One-player pong with a yellow-white-black paddle on a blue background 12 kB Rating: 6.
Unlike Nibbles, where you can travel in four directions only, Uncle Worm can travel in no less than thirty-two directions.
Collect all the apples to win each level.
Very easy to use and addictive.
It is just like ZKart3D except with less graphics.
Port by Ahmed El-Helw and Sam Heald 5 kB Rating: 4.
Z-Kart 3D is Recommended by CalcG.
It features enemy AI and a decent challenge.
This game has very smooth gameplay synchronized at 25 frames per second with many objects onscreen and parallax scrolling.
ZMercury is supplied with full source code.
The program is in public domain so it may be copied or modified without any restrictions.
The actual gameplay is much smoother than the animated GIF below shows, since the image was made by sampling the screen only a few times per second.
ZTetris was originally written for TI-85, TI-86, and TI-92, and has now been ported to every calculator with assembly capabilities.
Even at this early stage, Ztetris for the TI-83 is already a great game.
Note that this version does not include linkplay, but future version hope to.
It was created back in 1994.
Three Card Poker gets its popularity from its high payoffs, fast paced gameplay, favorable odds, and easy rules.
Three Card Poker's rules are slightly different from that of 5 Card Draw Poker in that the hand ranking a different.
All of the rules are explained in the "read me" file.
This file blackjack survey 3 yahtzee well! tabletop simulator blackjack table are Original yahtzee, Triple yahtzee, and Poker yahtzee.
All three of these games include a high score feature to save your highest scores.
Features Blackjack, a variation of Roulette, and a variation of slots, all in one TI Group.
ADRPG:TCS has 11 character sprites 4 for you 7 for your enimes the crystal on the title screen spins, there are 5 unique battle animations form a physical attack to dashing.
This game WILL take you a long time, you will be level 104 by the end.
All enimes are based on your character, so you are always challenged.
There is a stat store where you can buy more MaxHP, MaxMP, Speed, Strength, Tents, and change your type!
From the beggining the customization begins, pick your type, then add points to diffrent attributes, and when you level up you add a certen amount of points to your character's 5 diffrent magic types.
You can use tents like you can in any other RPG and you ,of course, can save.
This program is updated, it is now faster, cooler, has more features, and NO MEMORY LEAKS!
Unlike its predecessor, however, this game is all about slavery and "Uncle Tom's Cabin".
The file is in BASIC and is unlocked.
Therefore, those who want to create different questions and such will find that it is fun, fast, and easy to do so.
Perfect for class projects and such.
They are: Jumpman Dodgeman Fortuneteller 1 player Pong Slotmachine They are all in one program for easy installation.
There is a score saving feature to save one score.
And yes, there are cheat codes.
They include Tron, Pong, Anti-Tron, and Grabber, as well as the entire AAGames1.
This file is really big, so watch out for your RAM.
This should solve many of the problems I've seen people have with this program.
go here idea wasn't mine.
What he finds though is much more, as he makes the desition to put his life on the line for peeople he had barely known, but than he knows is at risk.
This is a text based game somewhat like BobGame but with a great fighting system, Minigame, and Random Events several options have multiple things that this web page happen.
I gave them better names.
You select the option that you want to do, and you do it.
Have fun with these games!
While playing the game you will notice that there are two different interfaces: The first one is the real time based economy-mode, where you can build, recruit, scroll, wage war, save of course and all that stuff.
After having set up an army, you will get to know the round based battle mode, which might remind you on blackjack and side bar like 'Chess', 'Advance Wars' for the Game Boy Advance or maybe the Nintendo DS Version of 'Age of Empires'.
The game features two types of resources, gold and wood, three different maps, which are fully scrollable, five difficulties, five different unit types of both wide and low range attack, a moderate AI Player and a very rudimentary cheating tool.
I hope you enjoy it.
For detailed instructions just view the Readme.
Note 2 : If you would like to play this game on an Emulator, you may check out Wabbitemu, the game definitely works on this one.
This is a Graphical RPG that includes: 20+ enemies, 6 spells, 6 different weapons and armor pieces and over 100 rooms to explore.
Check the readme to see the new updates.
This is an all text game; with a built in map, which has a blinking cursor to show your location; a few spells, and quite a few enemies If I remember correctly as well as 3 exploreable dungeons.
There are a few bugs in the game.
The labelin system might send you somewhere where you might not want to go.
I plan on coming back and fixing this much later.
This is all in basic, and gives an asm look, though the speed is still lacking.
This is something that will be rebuilt later.
Just like Avalanche only upside down!
Runs very fast for a BASIC game.
But it is still quite challenging!
Includes randomly-generated events, a competitor, and feedback at the end of the week!
Its even funnier if you know the song but you don't have seems blackjack hi lo simulator And to get a kick out of it.
The basic plot is that you are a man that decides one day to move to Albuquerque, where he spends the rest of his life.
He does a lot of funny things and a lot of funny thins happen to him.
I hope you enjoy this game.
I certainly did, and I made it!
I fixed all of the bugs, for those of you who previously downloaded it and had problems.
Make the opponent bankrupt if you dare.
You basicly live the life of an Ant.
It is a fast pace and fun classic!
Read more in the Readme.
I think it's pretty good.
You are a common warrior who is trying to prove that he's good.
So you decide to go to the Arena to test your skills.
This features extrememly hard bosses.
Don't do the Compeiton until you feel your ready.
Because it will be hard.
This game features 4 different classes of warriors to choose from.
It's been through many bug tests and no problems found yet.
It has 4 classes to choose from, better training, and 20+ unique enemies to fight in the competition.
This is a much harder game that should provide hours of play time.
So far in this one, you can buy weapons, and attack armies.
If I ever figure out how to do that.
So far all you do in this demo is hire soldiers and see the basic outline of what it will look like.
There will be more to come that will add new features.
You are a guard.
You must guard your base.
Battle increasingly difficult soldiers and eventually a boss as you climb your way up the Evil Tower, or whatever it's called.
It uses a simple battle system where you temporarily make yourself vulnerable to charge your attack.
You can also save your game and pick it up later.
This was a game I made a long time ago.
Have fun with it!
You and up to five other players battle in the mountains with tanks.
Each player can start out with money to buy different powerful weapons.
There are a total of SEVEN different weapons, including nukes, MIRVs, lasers, and cruise missles.
You can play in one of two modes, Free for all or Team play.
No one around to challenge?
You can have up to six tanks controlled by the calculator.
You can also have teams of Human controllers and Robots combined!
They are ASpider, which is like Avalanche, 'cept you're a spider, and Pong, which is a really primitive version that you should only look at if you are learning BASIC or something.
It runs fast for basic and it works well.
It has a two player mode a bit slower but works and different levels including one with a moving enemy.
The only difference is that you can not bust and the highest hand you can have is 9.
You do not need a lot of skill to play baccarat and it is easy to learn how to play.
To learn how to play just read the document that is found in this file.
This game automatically saves your current score and your highest score.
Unlike most Mine Sweeper clones this one features great graphics and runs very fast.
Also this game has the option of changing the size of the map and number of mines, which most basic clone don't.
Updated - Only one file so you can easily send it to your friends!
Fixed all errors, and once again optimized for final release!
I did the orginial coding dut Morgan Davies helped me debug and recode it.
Much credit to him for the help.
Read the readme for instructions on gameplay and other info.
You can also compete in an 82 game season against 5 other calculator players.
This game is very fun and challenging.
Added a nother new attack, and added in more bonus features.
Also, a new ending.
Enemies are much harder btw.
Welcome check this out the 2nd version of Battle Tower.
Fight the 4 different guys.
Before you can go past them, you must fight them.
Each attack differs with power and accuracy.
Use your own stratagey to kill all 4 of these monsters.
Review and rate this game :.
This game includes several hours of gameplay, a huge number of weapons,shields, and armor, several purchasable check this out, semi-graphical fighting, cutscenes for the storyline, all in just 40 KB!
Flash Gordon was used to prevent all the RAM from being used up, so all you need is 10~14 KB for this game.
This one continues the story from BattleQuest 2.
It is much better than any previous release, including: -56 different enemies.
This game redefines the Battlequest series.
Master might and magic in 10 floors loaded with over 20 kinds of enemies and 5 final bosses!
I did my best to avoid generic and overused enemies like goblins, orcs, and the like.
Please leave a review, I'm relatively new to programming and I like to know what you all think.
If you liked the original, you will love this.
I have had permission to use the source code.
I revamped the entire game.
It includes a battle system and a later included random battle sequence.
The game is based on the Beowulf universe and is set in a space theme which will be added in later.
Most of the stuff is pretty original though.
Check it out, it takes 14 KB on the calc.
Seeing the opportunity to leave the zoo and return to his home in the Congo, Billy the Monkey escapes and sets out on an adventure to get back to his home.
This game is rather addicting, and requires no user knowledge of the game of bingo.
Pure BASIC, packed into a small filesize.
It used to say the blackjack ti 84 plus total when you got 10, J, Q, or K as the first card.
Fixed that bug and took out some If then commands.
A very very decent black jack game, with no erros that I know of.
I made it last night because I was really bored and wanted to play around with the graph.
It is actually very different from my other black jack games.
All new graphics, bigger cards, new layout, everything.
No menu in the beginning though, because I wanted to keep this game compact.
There is a cheat button, and there is a button to turn off the cheat aswell.
As always, there is a high score section.
And please review my file.
It uses my own shuffling program from "Dealer Pack".
A home menu screen that isn't ordinary.
Donwload this small game.
It will appear in the MIRAGEOS folder.
This is Black Jack Pro, this game tracks your money, wins, losses, and total winnings.
This game keeps track of the 10 total cards in play, out of a simulated deck of 40.
Isn't a deck of cards supposed to have 52?
Well would you rather see "KH" or "0H"?
It's easer on the programmers and players to know that their card is worth 10 rather than know that the "K" is wrth 10 as well as the "0", "J", and "Q".
This game weighs in at a smooth 6000+B.
Why so much you ask.
Well there is some sort of animation for EVERY screen.
All the menus "raise" up and all but some "fall" down.
It shows the cards flipping, and it also shows a neat "menu squshing" thing for the main menu.
You can save your game and recall it later, also you can load a game while in the middle of one!
This is the NON CODEX version.
The Codex version had so many bugs and errors that it just wasn't fun.
I also switched some stuff around, and added in some things.
Check out the screenshot to get a good idea of how the game works.
It's a fun betting game, and now it isn't just seeing if you can get close to 21, now you got the dealer's first card, and you have to try and beat it.
You never know what the dealer will have, and I also made the dealer much smarter, by placing in some extra if then statements, making it hit again if it's too far under, making the dealer much harder to beat.
The rules aren't casino style.
There is no double down, yet.
Please take the time to rate this file, and write a review.
I would like to know what you, the people who play these games, think of it.
Very simple game easy to use no major bugs but email me if there are any!
Also If you want to advertise this on a nother web site please notifly me or make sure we get credit!
Have Fun and Send reviews!
Inclued Files- BJack - 1807b Readme 1.
This version, instead of being text-based is fully graphical.
There may be a bug or two, contact me at darksideprogramming yahoo.
This has no bugs, as far as I know.
You might want to archive some of your other programs before you play BLASTER!
Try and find the right angle and magnitude needed to hit the target!
Score increases relative to the number of stars on the screen, which means at around 400 points scoring will be negative.
I wanted it to be a fast paced scrolling game, but it failed in the process, so this is what turned out to be.
Not really much bob sledding, more of just dodging the walls.
The are tricky wall turns that come in and out.
You have to prepare to dodge them.
For some reason, the point system isn't working.
I will fix that bug soon enough.
This is the olympics.
Get the gold metal, and you win the game.
I'm going to try and make this game a little more challenging.
Have fun for right now.
Tell me if there are any problems.
If it's too easy, email me at jonny23451 yahoo.
It involves a very stupid man named Bob, and you just have to help him live.
It includes items and even a frogger-like mini-game.
There are 4 different endings, and has lots of replay value.
This game is in basic and requires no shells to play, and takes up about 5000 of your memory.
This is also the first Bobgame not by JcCorp.
You control a dumb stickman, Bob.
You have to guide him all over the city to defeat his arch-enemy: George.
This is a text adventure.
The game is a bunch of menus where you pick something for Bob to do.
There are three endings.
Try to get them all!
If you like this I have many others being worked on!
Sorry about the late release- I guess the first upload failed.
Anyway, this is a text game that has our "hero" Bob the stick man trying to find his arch-enemy, George.
This game is funnier, longer, more challenging, and more entertaining than the first.
You really don't need any prior knowledge to play it from the first game.
Help him survive as he traverses around the world, just like the previous two games.
There is only one true ending, but many death scenes, and one "special" death scene.
You really don't need any prior knowledge to play it from the earlier games.
It is easy to use, and provides hours of entertainment for avid Boggle players!
Definitely worth a download!
You're character is already moving back and forth.
You can change it's direction by pressing the opposite direction it's going in.
You're just shooting a feta sp sign.
I made this game in an hour in my chem class, so it's not graphical and there's no story.
Just a time waster I guess, and it is click the following article for you people who want to learn how to make things move by itself and shoot.
You stay alive as long as possible, but the left wall closes in on you!
It is quite fun.
After all of the bricks are formed, all you have to do is press any button.
Press 2nd to Pause, ENTER to resume.
The website, as usuall, is not up and running yet.
Read the readme to learn how to unlock this game's TEACHERPROOF features and all other upgrades.
If you like BRICK, there is no reason not to download this game, except if you like larger file games with less features.
I personally think this is my best considering size, playablility, and TEACHERPROOF software game yet.
Simple math questions are displayed and you must correctly answer as many as you can within twenty seconds.
It's a turn based fighting game made entirely on the GC language and only during school hours.
Since it's turn based, the game requires two players, but its fun to play against yourself anyway.
Anyway, it features all your favourite overpowered anime characters bashing each other upside down.
The damage system started out very simple but its gotten really complex in the last year or so with all the new characters we pumped in.
Graphics are limited because we only have 9 pictures to work with and we have to draw pixel by pixel.
Ideal for lecture halls and math classes.
Current Character List: Inuyasha Son Goku Naruto Give the guy a week or two.
Roronoa Zoro Kurosaki Ichigo Bruce Banner A big joke Superman Cloud Strife Train Heartnet 6 kB Rating: 9.
It includes games such as slots, red dog, blackjack, keno, non-text based horse racing, and hi and low.
It also includes a save feature to save your cash.
The horse racing is very addictive.
It doesn't sound like much, but my "Beta Testers" math nerds I gave it to like it more than Frogger as do I.
If you get a higher score than 42, please tell me emailsince that is my highscore.
As you play, which you'll need to more than once, I guarantee it you will reveal the somewhat random storyline, and the stragety and process needed to complete the game.
But I really hope you give it a try, and see how it is.
I know it works.
Trust me, I've seen text based games that DONT work The bigger question is.
Well, I hope that later Text Based games I make down the road WILL be more fun.
This is just my first step.
None the less, I hope you enjoy this game quite well, even if it you only truly need to play it once.
If you like it easy, then play this game.
It tells you where all the hidden buttons are, and the money is so much lower than average.
Everythings only 50 bucks!
If you get below master, I should shoot you.
The new engine offers True save game ability, enhancing your gaming experiance!
It is played against a computer player and it includes a high score counter.
The objective of the games is to go through college and survive.
You can go to parties or class.
Get laid or go to class you're the one in control.
If wanted, more versions will come.
It features winner detection, but only if you end the game: press the number you want to put your stone in, and press "ENTER" if somebody has won the game.
It is a remake of the classic NES game Contra, and is the most advanced BASIC platform game to date.
Contra 83 is the true meaning of BASIC.
It does not use 1 ASM utility, just strictly good old home fashioned BASIC.
The game uses one of the most advanced engines ever using complex numbers and equations to generate unreal looking terrain, and an AI program that will not slow even if 1000 enemies were on a screen.
It is in basic obviously and it is quite big but please bear with me.
Easy to figure out and comes with a readme.
Please make sure that Codex and Crater9 files are unarchived.
Just run the Crater 9 file and begin the game.
However it is a friend of mine's program, and I have his consent to create the readme and post the program as long as I cite him as the author, duh!
This is a short, yet insanely funny RPG written in basic for the TI 83+, 84+.
It contains some screen shots, but it is mostly text-based.
Written during the long boredom that is known as math class, this program provides a sharp, random, and sarcastic humor that I haven't found Monty Python.
Its only downfall is that it is short, but that won't last plan on updates or sequals to increase the insanity!!!
And it even gives a random hint for easy transferring.
This one includes an arcade-ish format only repeated battles, no breaks3 party members, healing spells, a boss, two endings, and cheat codes.
I made this a long time ago, and I found it quite recently.
Curse of the Dragon 2.
A is a text RPG that is smaller in size compared to 2.
Fight through 50 enemies of increasing difficulty to reach the boss- an evil version of you!
There's no story, by the way.
It features game play just like the real free flash blackjack game, a beautiful graphical interface, saving of the top 10 scores, and only one file to run!
This game is VERY ADDICTING!
Fully graphical it provides hours of fun and can be played over and over again.
It follows the exact rules of the gameshow and keeps track of your 10 highest winnings.
For those of you who have downloaded DEAL OR NO DEAL by Kevin Murtha, this program is less than half the size, 2x faster, and has many more improvements.
I have not copied any of his work and have made my program completely from scratch.
Features four different enemies, a shop, archers, spells, and is quite fast for a BASIC game.
If you enjoyed the original, this is a must-have!
In this game, you play against 2 other computer controlled players.
This game keeps track of your stats and winning %.
Just read the Text file to learn more about how are blackjack testosterone booster that play.
The object of the game is to pick a door, open it, and get a car.
There are three doors, one with a car in it, and one with a donkey in it.
If you get a donkey, you loose.
If you get a car, you win and can keep playing to get more cars and even a high score!
This game is all about luck, and is very addicting.
Try it for yourself and see!
Features a 10x10 grid and easy-to-use interface.
Look for the next one, it is also a Microrise production.
OOoo, the mysterious shroud of mystery.
This game is nothing like what you've played before.
This is not just a worth blackjack card 'shoot-the-duck-yeah-now-what' game.
It is a RPG exposition game where you compete in 5 levels, untill you claim the trophy.
Everything depends on where you choose to hunt, the weather, and the temp.
Walk around to find the perfekt spot, but becareful not to run out of time, or to drive the ducks out of the area.
This is by far the most descriptive duck hunt game ever, with upgrades in your rifle and your satchle.
You can even buy duck calls if you feel you need the extra boost.
I enjoy all critics and comments.
Tell me what you think.
Uncover the mystery of, Echoes.
This is the first game but surely not the last from Hurricane Games.
The final game will be a TBS in Basic.
The trailer is the first of several click to see more rest will be released along with the game.
It is meant to give you a taste of what is to come.
It is fully animated, with many greyscale pictures for enhanced graphics.
It now works fine.
Endless Descent is a game in which you must stay alive as long as possible.
Keep moving off the platforms and stay low as long as you can.
There are two versions: 1 84+SE, where the game is timed.
View the readme for more details.
This game is a very in depth battle re-creator with RPG elements.
It is very similar in that you battle in real time with real-time graphicsbut level up in an RPG-esque manner.
The more you battle, the more Exp.
You need to buy stuff to have any chance in the game.
The entire point is to defeat the evil Raydoh.
The story has not been programmed, and the interfaces will be very different.
You will not choose when to battle in the final version as you do in this one, and you will be free to move from room to room.
This version has 1 room, and only 3 types of check this out />You will need to beat around 1000 enemies to level up enough to beat Raydoh.
This game takes up 2000 bytes of RAM and to run it correctly, about 18000-20000 bytes of RAM is needed for it to run smoothely, the more the merrier.
This game also comes with a map editor, which is easy and simple to use.
DETAILS: size: 2000 bytes needs memory: 20000 RAM 4 enemies: Dalok Gaurd Flyboy Click the following article Turret Winding hallways MAKE YOUR OWN LEVELS!!!
It runs on mirage os or by itself.
You must do what your master asks of you.
You must please him, obey him, and help him in all ways.
Note: This game comes with 2 files, explorer and squire, send both to your calc, and run the game under the prgm called explorer.
There are a few ways to get near the end but only one takes you to it.
Try to avoid the death mines and get to a high level.
There is no ending, there are just more death mines.
I can only get to level 7.
You choose how you want the piece to fall and catch them.
Sounds just like regular falling numbers right??
After every number you catch, the floor rises towards the top of the screen!!
NOW try to beat it!!
Simple, but very addicting.
Takes up less than half a kilobyte and includes a scoring system.
Visit my website to download other great games at: www.
Kinda like Falldown, but not falling down.
All you have to do is move out of the way.
There is also a scoring section and a ranking system.
I love the difficulty menu, it's just.
You dodge the walls that are randomly set up.
It's kinda like Falldown, except you don't fall down and it doesn't scroll.
Anyways, you try and get past all the obstacles.
This version doesn't have moving walls.
The car moves instead.
In the second version, the walls move, and the car stays still.
Good to learn from.
No graphics yet hint: text based : 28 kB Rating: 4.
This one should not have memory errors, unless you have too many programs unarchived.
Text based game in which you start as a newby in a gang and try to make it to the top assassin.
Very well thought out took about a year to />It's worth a try.
The only things currently not working is magic and itmes in battle.
With the help of ASM utilities and technology of Flash ROM, this game goes beyond the limits of BASIC programming.
And thanks to the Flash ROM technology, this game were able to squeeze more options, longer gameplay, and with Devpic program, each chapter includes more than 40 pictures of displays Total of over 200 pictures in a full version!
This means the movies over an hour of it!
In gameplay, it includes everything that the original Tales of Magic had to offer plus more!
During battle, you can perform dozens of awesome magics to cripple your enemies or perform devastating combo attacks to unsuspected foe.
Also, with newfound power, your character can transform into even more powerful being to cast even stronger Magics and Combos!
New in this sequel, you or your enemies can attack with status effecting spells to better your chances of winning or losing.
During off-battles, you can explore through many different terrains and even travel through time to fufill your tasks.
And also, you can interact with many Non-Player Characters NPCseach with their own unique personalities.
All this in full graphical form, none of that text RPG B.
Enuff talking, download the game and see for it yourself.
For more details about this program, visit us in our project Homepage.
By taking advantage of Flash ROM in TI-83 plus, this program delivers more graphics, awesome effects, more options, and longer gameplays than a conventional TI-83 Basic RPGs.
Let the game take you even deeper into the story with more than an hour of beautifully made animated movies.
Explore through vast terrains from the forest, cave, highlands, and Empires.
Unleash devastating Magic spells and attacks on to 40 different enemies.
New in the full version, early memory error detection allows you to continue the game without any data losses!
Based solely on Graphics.
Full list of fratures for FFR2 12 modes of play User Made level support Random Levels The ability to make fully custom levels with Custom Arrows Custom Backgrounds Custom Detection Bar at top Custom "ratings" i.
Custom "Life Bar" also the FFR2 group includes another bonus!!!!
This game has the support using ths "num pad" for 2 arrow hits at once!
Seemingly simple at first, the difficulty of the game rises as the numbers get larger.
A good test of your memory that has bonuses, highscores, a security system, and that is surprisingly fun, you may find yourself replaying this game over and over.
It's a sequel to Fredgame, and like it, is a parody of the Bobgames.
Featuring more funny deaths, fewer "ripoffs" of other people's jokes, TWO versions one standard and one only for TI-84+ SE, due to size and an actual storyline!
Well, the storyline not so much.
It is enormous 11565 in sizemuch larger than my other stuff, and all 11565 pieces of it are chock-full of hilarious funtime stuff just like the Bobgames.
Well, have fun and I hope you enjoy it!
Thats about it so enjoy!
My game "Catch" which may not be on Calcgames yet but it will be is better, and this still has a few bugs, but I will fix them.
This is a BASIC programmed RPG about a girl named Gypsy's day through school.
Battle your way through 10 levels of evil opponents and transfer your completed data to GADX, the sequel, after conquering the Percussion Dictator!
This is a collection of programs, but it runs nearly the same as one program.
It sports a unique battle system, as well as unique characters.
Best of all, you can upload your save to the sequel.
This is a BASIC programmed RPG about a girl named Gypsy's day after school.
Battle your way through 10 levels of evil opponents in the final chapter of Gypsy's day.
Afterwards, conquer the optional boss!
This is a collection of programs, but it runs nearly the same as one program.
Be warned, however, that you cannot progress through this game without beating the first one, GADV.
Play through the first one first.
You can rob banks, go on missions, go to the library, or just wal around twon exploring.
To source one who knew Game V1.
If you find a bug please contact me O one more thing Game V1.
This sets up the high score system and with out it you will get an ERR message when playing the game.
Snake is my version of snake where your tail is indefinitely long and the walls shrink, finally there is pilot wings where you try to get the best score.
The object of this game is to guide George through the game to defeat Bob, George's arch enemy.
It's a lot better, trust me.
It has a COOL animation that plays when you get a high score.
Has in-game scorekeeping, too!
Note: This is a repacked archive that contains a patched version of prgmKEWLSTUF 7.
If you don't think such a thing is possible, read on!
First off, there are six number ranges to guess from: 1-10, 1-100, 1-1000, 1-10000, 1-100000, and 1-1 million.
And if that's nothing, there are five play modes: 1 Player, where you guess the number yourself, 2 Player, where two people compete to guess the number, AI:Easy, where the calculator will compete with you, AI:Hard, where the calculator will use clues from your guess to make a better one, and AI:Moderate, a difficulty in-between.
That's a total of 30 different ways to play!
In addition, it tells you how many guesses you had in the 1-P Modes, and has high scores, which you can also reset.
The file size is less than 4k, and this game is compatible with MirageOS.
Four modes of gameplay, Friendly user interface.
Requires all programs in group to be unarchived.
But I turned it into a workable game.
You are trying to rescue the "mothership" or whatever you want it to be from the kamakazi pilots.
This game was kinda the beta for Gunned Down, but I decided to stay with it and make it into a game where you control 6 different cannons, and the enemy comes into one slot but you don't know which slot it is.
You press the numbers on your keypad 1-6, and it will shoot out a cannon, letting you attack the enemy pilot.
I put this game rather quickly because of time, and it gets laggy after awhile.
There are multiple difficulty settings, blackjack ti 84 plus it's pretty basic.
A complete description is available in the readme.
Feel free to use the assembly libraries that come with the program however you want as well.
Screenies will be available soon on my site, as well as my new game that I am currently wworking on.
It took me 2.
In this game your mission is to go and hack the internet to get money for Upgrades.
I tryed to make the format close to a computer as possible with passwords and Realistic internet connection.
To start off it has great graphics, tied in with a perfect horizontal screen setup which enables easy gameplay.
Its features include: 1 and 2 player mode, over 220 words for 1 player mode, a maximum of of 44 chars, low memory requirements, and graphical menus.
One of the special things about this clone, is that on the Outer Limit Software site it tells users in detail how to create their own word lists for others to play with.
That way the words will never run out, and the program will not become obsolete.
In this game, you are given the opportunity to duel the AI your Calc by throwing amazing spells at it.
A millenium after the First Xenocide, humanity is in chaos.
The only hope lies in unifying the Hundred Worlds.
Includes an external AI that can be modified or replaced, as well as an AI Developer's Guide.
Avoid hitting the walls while being pulled down by gravity and last as long as you can!
Just like fly ribbon on a cellphone.
I don't have much to say, it's jusk like the other games by me.
Oh, it's only 2.
It asks you questions and it decided if your a hick, but with alot of choices, it launches you to another menu.
Some examples of thing you can do: fire nukes, scavenage for clothes, or throw spitwads at teachers.
There are no graphics, because i'm too lazy.
It's 9000 bytes though, but worth it.
And heres a advertising song: I wrote it me-self "I'm a hick and thats okay, i sleep all night i shoot all day.
It is, in my opinion, the most different and maybe the best, due to it's actuall mission, but it's still funny, along with the other hick games.
In case you missed out, and to get some reason why I made this other than I was boredcheck out HickTest, hoboquest, Escape from hick Island before playing this.
But since it's only 3.
When I get off my lazy butt and we get into some review, I might make an hickwars 2, but don't count on it, I wouldn't, thats for sure.
But i'm getting off subject, try it.
Please note, this version is being released because it's compatable with the expansion, which should be out soon.
So if you want the origional hicktest, that looks more hicklike.
It's your afterlife, but not a normal view of your average, dipsy-do afterlife.
I didn't have time to finish it, but after I just played it, I started laughing at my own work say what you will.
It's about 60% done.
Also, you need the a to play.
And furthermore, please read the readme.
This continues until you lose.
Or do you want to show your friends that you are faster???
Now you can do it!
With "How fast are you?
And it also got a Highscore system!!
It saves your 3 best records with name!
Just download How fast are you!
And please tell me your personal record!
The new cool thing this game has you do.
Turn your calc 90 degrees clockwise!
The controls are simple there is only movement for now, and there are 4 levels.
You can do multiple air jumps and there is really smoth scrolling that follows your character.
IMPERIAL has all the usual RPG elements including: - A large and well animated world which you can move your hero freely in.
Infinite Madness is as it sounds -- it's one Mad game!
You start out with 1000 spaces to move, and you rarely find that you get any of those 1000 spaces back.
A dot moves randomly on the screen and your objective as the faithful square is to get that little dot to hit you either on one of your edges or directly in the center.
Every step counts, so keep a good eye and only move when absolutely necessary!
Also, whenever the dot goes off the screen, you get an extra point.
If it hits you on the side, you get 10 points.
And if it hits smack dab in the middle, you get 50 points and an extra 10 spaces to move.
You start out with 1000 spaces to move, and you rarely find that you get any of those 1000 spaces back.
A dot moves randomly on the screen and your objective as the faithful square is to get that little dot to hit you either on one of your edges or directly in the center.
Every step counts, so keep a good eye and only move when absolutely necessary!
Also, whenever the dot goes off the screen, you get an extra point.
If it hits you on the side, you get 10 points.
And if it hits smack dab in the middle, you get 50 points and an extra 10 spaces to move.
It takes up very little room and is very addicting.
This collection of JcCorp's games includes: Super Pong, Sword of the Dragon, Bob Game, Sliding Puzzle, and the previously unreleased graphical RPG called ARPG.
Please read the readme files for instructions for each game.
This Pak saves memory and can be run from the APPS menu, and it won't take up your RAM.
Included in this sequel are: AAGames, ASpider, prgmBOREDOM, BobGame2, and Curse of the Dragon 2.
It saves you about 20000 bytes of RAM!!!
It is about making a colony in north america.
You can choose where you want to build your town.
What to grow there and some other stuff.
It is pretty fun and has three modes.
And a new Difficulty menu.
Thanx to Anthony Tondola, for giving me the idea of a menu like this.
When you finish the game, and go back to the menu, and try playing it again, it goes crazy and says you lose right from the start.
The final updates are set.
I fixed a couple of errors that I didn't catch in the last release, and I made a different ranking system, which is at the end of the game.
Now, when you quit out of the game, your shields go to 0, so you fail.
You still have money and points though, but your score won't be as high as what you want.
Have fun, and please give it a try.
Added a rating system at the END of the game, where it says Game Over.
The awsome screenies were made by Merthsoft, and the Group was uploaded to a comp by Tim Huddle 49.
The game is currently going under much redoing, but it should look identical after it is finished.
Not any tree, lawrence is a cranky old tree who thinks all young trees today are reckless and generaly act un-tree like.
This game is my personal favorite.
You are Pi-Man, defender of the galaxy, I guess.
Please give us any suggestions, comments, or tips for this.
It is a 5 card stud poker game.
A player must make 3 equal bets and create poker hands from 3 cards that he is dealt and 2 cards from the community pot.
Before the community cards are dealt the player must "let it ride" or recall one of the 3 bets.
This game saves your cash and highest score.
To learn more on how to play read the how to play text file.
Basically what you do is, you're babysitting a baby and everythings going fine.
Then all of a sudden, the baby goes missing.
You need to find out what happened and get the Lighthouse to turn on!
There are specific items you'll need to win.
This game is pretty short but fun.
There are two endings.
The worst ending is pretty obvious.
You are a stick man and god is mad at you.
It is very fast and has increasing difficulty.
If any of your letters are in the correct space, a square will surround it.
If any of your letters are IN the word but NOT in the right space, a circle will surround it.
In one player mode, you must correctly solve five puzzles in a row a word will be picked at random from the list of 100 words that comes with the game.
In two player mode, each player enters their OWN secret word which the other player has to guess.
Points are rewarded according to how quickly you solve the puzzle.
The first player to reach 10 points wins!!
Running Ladders Enemy with good AI Coin Collecting Digging Holes On-Calc Level maker Support for 5 USER MADE LEVELS!!!!!!!
Support for external 10 level "level pack" Much Much More!!!!
Leave your behind and welcome to the future!
While avoiding ghosts that try to eat you, by the way.
Solve your way through a tutorial and 13 levels.
Lollipop 2 is here!
This is not the same game as Lollipop and Lollipop 2, but.
Continuing with the theme of lollipops, you must make use of planks to bridge the gap between stumps as you hop your way to the other side, where a guess what?
No ghosts this time to eat you though!
And if you complete all 40 levels, a special prize will be waiting for you!
Lucky Penny is video poker with some twists.
The game also automatically saves after you quit so you can choose to continue next time you play.
The trophy system is a great way to see how much you've accomplished in the game.
Certain accomplishments will earn you specific trophies.
See if you can earn them all, and then check your trophy page to see if you can earn the coveted "LP Champ!
You never win or lose, but funny things happen to Donnie which includes him getting hurt or in big trouble.
You don't know who or why.
This text game will give your brain thinking cramps.
It's all blackjack ti 84 plus big puzzle!
It trakes what you do and saves it.
So if you do the wrong thing you lose!
Since this is so hard I will help you.
Download this for fun, challenge, of because you want to support CDI Games from going under!
It will ask you to think of a question and press enter.
There are 8 or 9 random answers.
It has 12 different outcomes.
The responses are always random.
This program can also be run in Mirage or Crunchy, so it is protected from resets.
This is a very good program that during testing, a lot of people liked it.
Give it a shot and feedback would be appreciated.
The first is guess which all you do is guess the number that the calculator is thinking of.
Magic 8 Ball is all truth telling If you belive in it!
It has not 1, but 3 different storylines you can choose at the 2nd question.
This game is very funny.
If it asks you for your name, the answer it wants is "MAILMAN" as seen in the first screen shot.
You get 15 turns to move around the game board while you compete in a series of 5 mini games Shy Guy Says, Memory Match, Tug of War, Crazy Eraser, and Bowser's Big Blast to earn coins.
But beware, Bowser is out to steal them from you and keep you from getting a high score!
UPDATE: In this second update we've included full trophy support!
You can now earn up to 15 trophies for certain accomplishments throughout the game including the "Mario Party Champ!
Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate Mario Click the following article champ?
UPDATE: In the first update we improved the code to make the game run more effeciently without the need for some of the loading screens.
You no longer have to wait 30 seconds for the game to calculate your score in "Crazy Eraser" and the time it takes for shuffling the cards in "Memory Match" has been substantially decreased.
This update also included a special surprise for after you complete the 15 turns of the game.
A few bugs, but pretty good.
Contains the old versions for sake of comparison.
Try it out, it's much better.
Black pegs are given for correct digits in the correct places, and white pegs are given for correct digits in the wrong places.
Don't expect too much, because I'm just a 12 year old who started programming a week ago.
Several years in the making, because I am lazy this RPG provides some cool graphics and animations all using BASIC.
The main value of it being in BASIC is that all you other programers out there can see what I did to make the animations.
Also, the story line is good and it adds to the Matrix story from the movies.
Copies of this program may be distributed, as long as I am cited as the author.
Contains the program and 5 picture files.
However, this game has 5 new story plots, and 2 new authors.
You can even enter your Name and Town at the beginning and it will be even more fun!
There is no way to lose this game either short of choosing to resign.
Please read the readme as it explains all the technical details.
This is a package containing all five of the games in my Maze series.
It includes the original Maze; the much-improved sequel creatively titled Maze 2 ; an alternate-graphics version of Maze 2 called Maze 2 Negative; Maze 2 Easy, which includes some new levels and some of the easiers levels from Maze, running in the Maze 2 'engine'; and the exciting Maze Adventure, which brings four new levels and a linear progression structure.
If you've played the original Maze and found it a bit dodgy, please give this ago, as the later games are much better.
Features new to Maze 2 include a pause key 2ND to pause, any key to resumethe chance to view the level before you start moving press any key to beginthe ability to go off the edge of the screen and appear at the opposite edge not ripping off snake 2 in any way, of course ;-and of course some new levels.
This time there is more than one screen so you probably wont be able to solve it in 5 seconds like the previous versions.
This could probably be changed for other uses too.
So feel free to modify it.
I figured it would be a bit too challenging for the snake's tail to progressively get longer, so it doesn't.
What does add difficulty, however, is that for each piece of fruit you eat, you leave waste behind you which stays there for the rest of the game.
Your waste is as deadly as the walls: You touch either, you lose.
Use the arrow keys to move.
To keep the game good and fast, you are quite able to go backwards into yourself, which will kill you plenty.
Pressing any button other that the arrow keys ends the game as well.
Post any glitches you find in a review.
THIS VERSION WORKS PERFECTALLY--- This is the first complete Metroid game for ANY TI foxwoods video poker online in ANY language.
Utilizing the xLIB app by tr1p1ea, and using everything from pics to lists and matrixes, archives programs and almost all your RAM Metroid certanlly is massive.
It takes up well over 30000B at the moment and will soon take up more With 38 matrixes stored in 6 programs and 3 click to see more 2 of which are well known, 4 diffrent powerups, secret passages, and unlimited enemies this game is going to take you ages to beat, or about 30-45mins.
Date hot girls, increasing social status, and possible death are only some of blackjack ti 84 plus pros of this game.
You have to open all slots except the ones that contain mines.
If you open a slot with a mine you will lose.
MINE3 has many advanced features: You are able to create levels with various shapes and sizes.
You can shape the levels in different rectangular shapes as long as each screen contains 15x9 slots.
The levels can have between 135 and 1215 slots!
That is up to 45x27 slots or 9 screens!
You will choose how large part of the slots that will be mines.
You can mark slots with a flag if you think it is a mine.
If the first slot you open is a mine a flag will appear instead you can not lose the first thing you do.
There time counter allows you to see how fast you can finish the levels.
You can pause your game while running pauses the time counter.
You are able to save halloween blackjack game progress and continue next time you play the game.
You Get to look at a map but only for a short time.
The map can be wrong from time to time.
Contest: Get a chance to make next level.
The first level starts with four apps real money blackjack and two are added for each level that you progress.
Features a scoring system and quick map generation.
RAWR :P 2 kB Rating: 7.
Well this game's for you.
The snake moves at an amazing speed but it's your job to direct it towards the pixel!
It even features Pause!
Minigolf gives you the power to putt from the comfort of your own home with nine unique and challenging holes.
An innovative putting system allows you to control the power and direction of your ball with ease.
Includes a great scoring system that keeps track of your highscore for each individual hole.
The screenshots below are on a TI-83+, so Minigolf will run even faster on the 83+ SE or 84+.
Compatible with MirageOS, Doors CS, and other shells.
But since I made the buildilngs so tall to simulate a city, I made the enemy go left and right, and then down.
Not that great of firing, but atleast it works.
You have to fire on time.
You have to time your firing very precisely.
I'm still adding things to this game, so this isn't the complete version right now.
I will be making a sequal where you can buy stuff and get a house and stuff soon Look for it!
It hasnt improved much besides the language thing.
This game doesn't really have a plot.
You go through your day, dieing in many ways, whether its at a Metallica concert, Disney World, or a your bathroom!
I hope to make a better game, a Mr.
This is similar to Win Shauna, but you must fight to win money, and there are other differences.
The fighting is pathetic.
There are 2 versions.
In the first one, you can't buy a ring, and therefore can't win!
I'm still working on it.
You can beat the 2nd version.
There are a few more bugs though they won't destroy the gameplay.
It takes a while to find out how it works, but you can have alot of fun with this by showing it to your friends and family.
Ever play my Game Pak?
There are HOURS of gameplay right here!
There is Nightmare Snake 1-3 and IN, and Lines 2-4 and IN.
The IN stands for INverse.
Snake is a game where you have a neverending tail except for 2 and you collect dots except 3whenever you get a dot the screen shrinks by 1 pixel in all directions.
In Lines you move in the 4 cardinal directions except 3 and avoid the randomly appearing lines.
In 3 you move back and forth and collest a dot.
This is the most fun you can have in school.
Most of these names should be used only for entertainment only.
There are now 1800 different names that can be generated If my math is correct.
Please disregard the website advertised hopefully I will soon get it posted.
Fun for a NASCAR fan.
Well, in NeoBoxing you can duke it out with a friend and see whose the better man without embarassing bruises.
Includes: NeoBomber, Blackjack, a Fortune Cookie program, an organizer, and wallpaper generator.
It has its high points and low points.
If you're bored and want a text RPG to play, then go for it.
It will keep you entertained.
Moves as fast as BASIC allows, very challenging.
Have fun with Nib-83!
I personally perfer this snake game rather than most others, it is a well-developed game.
Each player controls a country with even resources, such as money and nukes and spies and ABMs and buildings.
There are nine building types in the game, each with a different purpose.
The object is to destroy the enemy command bunker.
Your enemy's territory remains hidden until you send spies to recon.
The spies are also good for sending to destroy enemy missle sites and silos, as well as factories, and whatever structure you want to sabotage.
The structures include:Nuke silos, ABM sites, warehouses, factories, spy centers, command bunkers, radar stations, cities and farms.
The main object of the game is to research better weaponry through your cities and upgrade your spy skill, as well as launching nukes at your opponent, to destroy his structures.
It is based off a tutorial game by Arasion.
I've added a change number feature as well as 1 Player mode in which a random number is generated and 2 Player Mode in which you take turns guessing and changing the number.
For those who dont know the game, it is indepthly desribed in the readme, even including an example game to get you to understand it better.
Even better yet, its quick and addictive!!!!!!
E-mail me for bugs or ideas on impovments.
I can do anything in basic, so dont be afraid to ask!
INCOMMING: Duck Hunt Expo: more than its predecessors.
You control the PacMan and your mission is to collect all the points on the screen.
If you do that you will advance to the next level.
Watch out for the ghost though!
If they catch you, you will lose a life.
This PacMan has 15 different levels!
It gets harder for every level you accomplish.
It is quite hard to complete every one of them.
The game also has two different speed here />Each time you quit your progress is saved and you can later continue on that level you last time were playing at.
Play head to head against the computer.
Includes a season mode.
A story where I promise you, you won't survive the paranoia.
Note: This is the beta.
Note that xLib v.
No pictures are used.
Plasma-man is a basic game that takes up very little room, and runs pretty fast.
The object of the game is to shoot falling objects before the splat into the earth.
Level progresses every ten objects shot, and you get to use a "no miss" laser 3 times.
PLEASE read the read-me before-hand, or the game will mess up.
Try to fill the board with plus signs and get the highest score possible while avoiding the asterisk who erases them.
This beta now includes: A scrolling map, instead of the 8x16 segments you used to walk through screenshot of old system in zip The ability to change border styles for dialogue and such This is just mainly to show I am still alive.
I have had made many many many improvements to this game since this version has been released, but at this time is in an unreleasable form.
Keep tabs on this project at TI-Freakware, United TI, Omnimaga, or Cemetech so you stay up to date on the latest developments on this project.
Please note the included animated screenshot is faster on calculator 83+SE, 84+ and 84+SE than in the screenshot.
It is the closest remake that i could do in BASIC.
If you play games solely for graphics this isn't the game for you but if you loved the original game this is the game for you.
You are the omega symbol and your rival is the pi symbol.
Everything seems to work as of now but the Poke mart in pewter city isn't running perfectly The first pic is the poke mart and the second is the entrance to Viridian forest.
The third pic is the Poke center in pewter city.
The fourth is the space ship in the pewter city museum.
Even though this is my first official program don't go easy on it.
Judge it as if it was created by a master programmer.
The whole point of the project was to point out that programmer's are lazy.
Whenever they come up with some promise of a decent Pokemon game, they have always failed to deliver.
In the past, there has only been ONE exception to this rule.
It's quite inspiring, actually.
As busy as tifreak8x is, he manages to put time in over the years carefully optimizing his program and such.
His goal is different, however; I believe he's just trying to prove a pure-BASIC though that term is sort of being skewed game can be incredible as well.
So, this is a battle simulator, you get to pick one Pokemon of your choice out of six.
Of all the six Pokemon, they have 22 attacks at their disposal to knock each other silly with, ending the battle when you forfeit or a Pokemon loses all it's remaining HP.
What you will eventually catch on to, is that the battle plays out very similarly to Pokemon Red and Blue, all they way down to attacks, types, effects, and statuses!
For those of you that DO read this, feedback is imperative.
I listen to it a lot more than you think.
Write a review, that feedback is useful because everyone sees it.
Tell friends about my game.
They may have comments as well.
If you have any particular Pokemon you want to see in here sooner rather than later, I can manage that.
But this year's tournament is different from the last.
Not only you have to battle out Pokemons but also Digimons!
Pick betweed 10 of the most famous Pokemons to Train, sleep, something fiat 500 blackjack sorry, play, bet on fights, or even register into tournaments.
Unlike other Pokemon games, you're now able to have not only one but two Pokemon fighting side by side at the same time!
This mean you can unleash super team up combo attacks, Team up special attacks, Team up combo special attacks, and finishing moves!
And the best thing about it is that it's Fully Graphical!
There are original functions which does not find in others games of Poker.
The bet system is like in the casinos.
And you have to go to the bank to have cash.
You start off by pressing right or left to get the ball moving.
The nearer the edge the ball bounces the more the bouncing angle will be.
This makes the game a lot funnier.
The longer the ball stays in the game the faster the ball moves which means it gets harder.
With the speed settings you can set the start speed of the ball and how much the speed increases each time the ball hits a paddle.
Each time you quit the scores are saved and you can later continue next time you are playing.
So that the ball looks like a ball andthe paddle does to.
Whil playing the game you will notice that the longer the game goes the faster your ball and paddle will move.
Have fun and I hope you enjoy : Updates: Fixed acceleration issue with Ball and paddle.
No longer should get randome domain errs in the menu.
Notes from the Author: Read the Readme it has all of the instructions that you need for the game to work.
A TI - 83 version is on the way.
Important Features: 1 No Bugs!!!
Ion, Mirage 6 Constantly in development - any bugs discovered will be eliminated ASAP Consult included readme for more info.
Unfortunatly, my TI link software disconnects when I try to take a screenshot during gameplay so no additional shots can be provided for the moment.
It allows you to shoot portals and move between them.
Those who have played the official version will remember GlaDos.
And She's back in the calculator version!
GlaDOS is your narrator and guide and is the one that will monitor all your tests.
But when the tests are over.
It includes four simple games that can be very entertaining during a dull Algebra class.
The best part about the program is that I did not lock it- it is free to edit.
In fact, it is an excellent way to help you learn BASIC!
This game has very simple instructions included, so no problems should occur.
Yeah, they're simple, but they are certainly fun.
This is a must download if you want to learn BASIC!
With 40+ jokes, all hilarious except for a few cornysthey will keep you entertained for a long time!
But you ask, they're jokes.
If you play a game too often-it will get boring.
So, in Math class, why not try a joke or two?
No, seriosuly, it helps!
I gave this program to alot of my friends, and they laughed out loud-trust me, they're funny jokes.
Some jokes are old funnies, a few I made up blackjack ti 84 plus, and a few hilarious ones most of you have never heard of!
Be sure to check out the screenshots!
It doesn't have any of the includes, though.
Includes how to make your BASIC program impossible to edit and how to have it run on OS's.
It has also been optimized for OS's so it doesn't get glitchy.
It's long and well developed and should provide you with lots of fun and playing time Alex spend whole summer working on this game.
The game takes around 16k of mem on the calculator.
The game is text based and plays similarily to drugwars games.
The menus and other graphics are very fast and responsive.
Last year it was my first game, and I was proud.
Now, since I fixed it up a little, it is probably my 24th program that I have made.
The other programs are not on this site.
They're little, like tricking your friends and stuff with a blinking cursure and stuff like that.
But anyways, this is a new and improved version.
Fast frames, still a little blinky.
But I took out the Label and stuck in a While loop, because back then I didn't know how to use While loops.
Much faster than before.
If you like dodging things while moving a vehicle around, blackjack ti 84 plus is the game for you!
And if you like the competition for the highest score, this game is for you.
It is exactly the oppoiste learn more here RacerX.
Instead of going up, you're going down.
Watch the little animated screen to get a feel for this game.
If you feel as though you won't like it, then don't get it.
If it seems as though it looks interesting, atleast give it a try.
Im not done with it yet, but I hope to be soon.
Win the contest, and you will win the heart of Maid Marian.
Lose, and you will become the center of a public hanging by Prince John and the Sheriff of Rottingham!
It has one and two player modes.
It's actually kind of fun and addicting after a while.
Choose your weapon and then face off against the calc.
Will you be able to overcome probability and random chance to become an RPSX master?
Unlike other calc versions of rock, paper, scissors, RPSX features great graphics and a custom menu so the action never gets dull.
RPSX also features a great save system so you can keep track of all your stats, even after exiting the program.
Best of all, it's compatible with MirageOS and CrunchyOS for easy access!
Visit my website for more great games at: www.
That's in fact the good old rock, paper, scissors game.
But there is a change.
The loser must play to the Russian wheel.
It's dangerous to play to this children game.
There are several weapons and some potions, 3 different levels, and a boss.
Great for killing time and having fun.
Also has good stat tracker, keeps track of everything from gold, weapons, weapon equiped, and potions to kills and deaths.
It is the first thing even remotely similar to a "graphical" RPG that I have tried to make.
This will likely not get any further than what it is at now seeing as I dont have a storyline and just made it to see if I could do it.
You can use the code for whatever and modify it if you want, I dont mind.
I made this around 6 months ago, around when I first learned BASIC.
It was never completely finished, but it is fully playable with Training enemies to fight, and one part of blackjack hellstore story mode.
Also, this game uses a stats attribute, in which you raise your own stats.
It is a fully graphical RPG that includes 25 different areas screen shots 3 and 4 are 2 of the areasbattling screenie 1 is the battle screena shoppe, a full storyline with 5 main quests, and more!
Instructions are self explanitory.
Please disregard the website address.
Gain experience points in the game by winning.
Lose once and it's game over.
Some point in the game you will have gained enough experience points where you can start to cheat, and the more experience points you gain, the better chance you have at getting away with cheating, which will give you even more experience points than winning fairly.
The computer player sometimes sticks to the same thing; is that a glich or is it a trick?
At the end rack up points to show your friends that your the master as your personal high score is stored in the calc.
Points given are determined by the number of times you win, sucessfully cheat, and how many total rounds you played.
Basically like Boppit, you must press the right keys in order to progress.
Expect this game, even though the same style as Jata Data's previous games, to have more meat.
Definitely a good download!
Complete with ranking system.
High score update coming soon!
Details in the readme.
In fact, this game is so huge I am not sure it will work on a standard TI-83+.
I don't know how big their memories are and the MAIN game is bigger than Fredgame.
The BOSS fight is ANOTHER 5000 some bytes or whatever they are.
Seriously, though, this game is worth it.
It is more in-depth and challenging, involves an alien invasion, and has two Pokemon-parody battles.
The only downside is that you have to play the original School Survival in order to play this.
However, the original is just as fun and if and when I make it the REAL sequel won't need any passwords.
This means you can play it even without beating the original game.
It is still recommended, however.
Because the original rocks.
Now v3 proboat blackjack 29 king needs you to slay the Defenders of the castle.
Are you up to the task?
In order to complete the objective, there are three stances which you and your opponent may use to win: duck, stand, and jumping.
Each stance has strengths and weaknesses, so use each wisely!
There are six puzzles and a puzzle-maker mode built in.
Simple to learn, a challenge to master! blackjack ti 84 plus blackjack ti 84 plus blackjack ti 84 plus blackjack ti 84 plus blackjack ti 84 plus blackjack ti 84 plus

TI-BASIC For Beginners E06: Jumps

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