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Golden Touch Craps. But the house advantage, after the 5-count is completed, is the same on each and every shooter as it was before the. We know from smartcraps, we have players who can alter the odds of the game in their favor.
Las Vegas discussion forum - 5 count, page 3.. Here is another article that comes to a wrong conclusion over at Golden Touch Craps
The lynchpin of Frank Scoblete's system for getting an edge at craps isn't controlled shooting but a means of choosing when to bet “the 5-Count.

Learning to Count Cards the Speed Count by Dominator

Las Vegas discussion forum - 5 count, page 3.. Here is another article that comes to a wrong conclusion over at Golden Touch Craps
If you wasn't to read a giant infomercial promoting golden touch craps this book is. His "5-count" however, is useful to me, even though I'm also not sure if it is ...
He also came up with a way to deal with random rollers, the 5-Count.. His new DVD is Golden Touch: Beat Craps by Controlling the Dice!
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Dice Control | Craps Betting Strategy | Golden Touch Craps Seminars Golden touch craps 5 count


SCOBE'S GOLDEN TOUCH CRAPS:. When the brilliant Captain was discovering his great 5-Count playing method, he knew he had three imperatives. 1.
golden touch blackjack I would like some feedback, if anybody has. Currently I visist Vegas about 5 times a year, and have gaming available. If you learned how to count and played that game with a play-all. If his craps methods really worked casinos would back people off for advantage play at craps.
Learn casino craps and expert dice control in craps seminars taught by Golden Touch. Learn Speed Count, as taught in Frank's book Golden Touch Blackjack. this hillarious rendition of a popular favorite with a new twist (5 meg. download).

starburst-pokieReddit - Craps - The Best (and the Worst) craps books Golden touch craps 5 count

Craps Tips & Strategies | Gaming and Destinations Golden touch craps 5 count

The Golden Touch Craps team had scheduled one of their. ends, counting cards in Atlantic City. “I wasn't addicted to.. bled on daily for twenty-five years. Car-.
September 29/06: The 5-Count: What It Can and Cannot Do · September 22/06: How Much Practice is Enough? September 15/06: Golden Touch™ Classes in.
He also came up with a way to deal with random rollers, the 5-Count.. His new DVD is Golden Touch: Beat Craps by Controlling the Dice!

Golden touch craps 5 countcasinobonus

golden touch craps 5 count Frank Scoblete has a new book on dice control.
I haven't started reading it yet, but I expect to start and finish it in short order because I tend to be captivated and read his books almost non-stop.
This golden touch craps 5 count really has my interest because I believe in the possibility of "dice influencing" even though I don't think anyone actually can "control" the dice.
Below are photos of the book cover and part of the table of contents.
I am especially interested in the section on proving dice control.
Of course there is something maybe a lot about "The Captain.
Also Frank writes about the PARR group which is how I first got involved with the dice influencing crowd and this goes back more than 15 years ago.
I will pay close attention to this, also.
I have now read the first four chapters.
To be honest there isn't much here that Frank hasn't already written before either in other books or his many articles.
That doesn't mean there is a lack of information -- it just means I have read much of this before so none of this info surprises or amazes me.
However, it you are unfamiliar with the theory of dice influencing or dice control all of this just might be brand new to you and fascinating.
What is new, and is something I never read before, is Frank's open criticism of other practitioners and advocates of dice influencing and why he stopped working with them and doing business with them.
I wanted to see more of this dirty laundry but it was only in one chapter.
Since I know "the other guys" I was really hungry to read more about their clash and dispute and breakup.
Yes, I got to read about The Captain again and Frank even lifted what he wrote about The Captain in other books and put it in this book.
It's a good story but after all these years why hasn't someone else who was there come forward to confirm what was written and what happened?
I have one specific criticism about what I've read so far: Frank says a manager at Caesars had a craps table removed from the casino because the casino was losing too much money at that table, and had the table destroyed.
The story I heard was that this happened at a downtown Vegas casino.
I never heard the story about Caesars before and I doubt it happened, but the tall tale about the downtown casino chopping up a craps table for firewood after a big loss for the casino is still a tall tale -- it never happened.
I was interested in reading in detail about the 5-Count System.
I've read about it before but finally I can say I understand it now because Frank gives some detailed examples that finally make it clear.
Basically the 5-count method or system forces you to sit out from players who are likely going to have a short roll or turn with the dice and that is supposed to save you money but -- and Frank points this out -- waiting for the 5-count does not mean you will make money on that shooter.
What really stands out in the chapter on the 5-count is Frank's statement that by following the 5-count you are getting more comp value for your money while limiting your losses.
With the 5-count you are not betting on 57% of the shooters but you are betting on 43% of the shooters.
So Frank says this will help your comp situation because "you are usually given credit for 100 percent of the time you are at the table, but you are only risking your money 43 percent of the time.
I am not exactly sure that this will work but it is an interesting idea.
The reason why it might not work is that floormen are supposed to rate your average bet, and if they judge your average bet when you have nothing on the table -- you won't have much of an average bet even if you bet heavily later.
Something like this happened to me about a year or so ago.
I bought in at a craps table and for the first two shooters I made only a minimum passline bet without odds to wait for my turn with the dice.
When I was the shooter I bet heavily and continued to bet heavily after that.
I have now moved on the Chapter 5 which gets into the mechanics of dice control.
Hi Alan I like Frank's writing style.
He is a great story teller.
I understand why he would have been reticent about naming the Captain when he was alive, but now that he has passed away is he only doing so to maintain the mystery to the extent the Captain is not a composite?
I recall the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" financial writer who grew up in Hawaii.
His biological father was the "Poor" dad, but questions have been raised as to whether his "Rich" dad ever existed.
FAB I will never reveal some of my sources even after they pass and that's because a promise is a promise.
But did every other player and every casino employee make the same promise?
Is there anyone besides Frank who will say he was there for his roll at a public casino in AC?
Even back then casinos had PR departments and even back then a casino would boast of jackpots paid.
The lack of any other report is what I can't understand if this happened.
The day a player won a million at a craps table at Caesars players were calling me, emailing me, texting me.
But no one except for Frank talks about the Captain?
I just completed two more chapters: The Essentials of Dice Control, and The 38 Steps.
The 38 Steps is only three pages but if everyone followed these rules of play and etiquette all craps games would be better.
The chapter on dice control is a good summary of the form you should use but pictures would help.
And this brings up another question: why have I never seen on YouTube or any "dice control website" a video of a perfect toss and roll and result?
What is really good about the chapter on dice "control" is that it defines what is a controlled throw.
Too many dismiss DC because the reality is they never saw a controlled throw.
Too many claim to have a controlled throw when in reality they only set their dice and do not control anything.
I have never seen a video showing what Frank wrote about.
I'm now reading Part Video blackjack of the book about "Today's Dice Controllers" golden touch craps 5 count gives a scratching-the-surface look at some personalities and people Frank did business with.
There is also some dirty laundry about Golden Touch Craps and Frank responds to some critics about his ability, lack of ability and The Captain.
Critics of Frank will love this section.
There is more golden touch craps 5 count read.
Hi Alan, This is a comprehensive review.
I think you make a tiny mistake that many of my critics have made and that concerns how many people verify the Captain's existence and exploits.
In the book I do list a president of a casino who included info on the Captain's Crew in his own book, his main host Mike the host's real nametwo students that were click to see more when the Captain rolled the dice one of which was at the 147 number handSatch who is one of the last surviving Crew members who was a teacher in Golden Touch and shared his stories of the Captain with well over 200 students.
Add to that my wife, Satch's wife, my blackjack 21 pelicula, his Crew's family members and friends, etc.
In the early 2000's I held a Casino Craps Tourney in Vegas and I displayed a picture of the Captain and his Crew at a party at Trump Castle sometime in blackjack sheet mid-1990s.
One long table with just about all the Crew members and his host Mike.
I even named the individuals I wrote about in my books and articles so you could tell who they were in the picture.
Over a 150 people saw this picture.
I did black out blackjack iphone online Captain's eyes.
I have also answered the question as to why the Captain's big hand was never publicized as Pat DeMauro's bigger hand was.
Pat gave her permission to publicize it; the Captain did not.
He wanted as much anonymity as he could get even though he knew I was as Ralph Kramden said "opening my big mouth.
I am going to have the grandkids over so I won't be checking your site for a few days but I will when the hurly-burly is done.
Alan, the only reason I am responding to your review and giving you this information is out of my respect for you.
Yes it is okay to black out the eyes.
Just the photo will go a long way in ending this controversy.
I read again page 12 of your book where you reference the section of the book written by Robert Renneisen.
It appears from the section of the book that he did not witness the event himself but was quoting "Mike" the host.
Unless there is an actual witness to the event it would be dismissed in court as "hearsay.
Renneisen asking him to clarify and if he could personally confirm the event.
I certainly would think that the President of the Casino could confirm this, however when I recently asked a very high level executive at Caesars to confirm that a player won two million dollars or was it one million?
Alan, looking forward to your review of the weekend from hell, the betrayal and the last chapter.
If you do get the Captain's real name please do not release blackjack strategy betting />Do it as a favor to a fellow writer.
I will show you if we ever meet.
I am sure that some of the guys' families in the shot would not want the picture on the Internet or in a book.
I'll be delighted to send an autographed copy of my new book.
Frank I am curious why you revealed the dirty laundry about GTC??
Was there pressure on you to do it?
I thought people who might want to do business with the guy should be aware of his character.
I do not, however, detract from his dice control skills.
I also thought readers would learn what it golden touch craps 5 count like to belong to such a group.
Keep in mind, just about all of the people from GTC were great shooters and nice people.
I did lay out the creeps I met in the course of my career but you will note that except for those who are public figures I did not reveal their true names.
I will be happy to send you verification of the theft so when you write about it you will know everything I said is the truth.
Frank, Dom is a thief.
That's disheartening as I have some of your older books where he was featured.
PS: I hate to grovel, any chance I can get an autographed copy too?
Frank, thank you for offering autographed copies.
Folks: I think it is appropriate that you pay for the book and the cost to have it mailed.
I know very little about craps or dice influencing, but I have some friends who are avid craps players, and Frank is one of "the names" in the business.
I'm really looking forward to reading his book.
Frank, thank you for offering autographed copies.
Folks: I think it is appropriate that you pay for the book and the cost to have it mailed.
I resumed reading and was fascinated by more dirty laundry about GTC.
This is more a history of dice influencing and its lobby than a textbook.
Next was a hilarious section about Frank taping a TV show appearance.
You don't have to be in the business to get a real laugh.
By the way, for those of you who never read one of Frank's books I've read many he really is a good and entertaining writer with plenty of humor to keep your interest.
I finally finished the book.
I admit that work took a priority for me.
The chapter "Betrayal" certainly probability of blackjack a surprise.
And it makes you wonder if advantage players were so good at winning money how do they end up with money problems.
Overall it's another very good book by Frank.
Interesting and entertaining and more autobiographical than a text book on dice control or influencing.
Frank maybe next time you will write the text book? golden touch craps 5 count golden touch craps 5 count golden touch craps 5 count golden touch craps 5 count golden touch craps 5 count golden touch craps 5 count

The Five Count by Golden Touch Craps

Frank Scoblete - Wikipedia Golden touch craps 5 count

YouTube Golden touch craps 5 count

All the facts of 'golden touch' dice control can be considered TRUE up until. recorded the results (something like 5, 6 thousand times), and found that.. "If all a man can count on is finally pushing up the grass, when I do I'll ...
Using the Five Count to Increase Your Take at the Craps Tables. Watch as the Dominator explains the five.
He also came up with a way to deal with random rollers, the 5-Count.. His new DVD is Golden Touch: Beat Craps by Controlling the Dice!


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